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Tricia Taborn, a great San Francisco spirit, died today

I was saddened to hear that my former associate of many years, Tricia Taborn, died today (April 7) of cancer at Kaiser Hospital in...

Editorial: Needed — some teeth for the San Francisco sunshine law

EDITORIAL The San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance is a national model for open government, the first and strongest local sunshine law in the country. It...

Newsom’s hypocritical embrace of sunshine

We at the Guardian are big advocates for more transparency in government, as this week’s annual Freedom of Information issue attests, but I had...

Informing the public

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ISSUE: James Madison Freedom of Information Award winners fight the power

Some teeth for the sunshine law

After 17 years, the Ordinance still isn't working

Sunshine heroes: Call for nominations!

By Rebecca Bowe Not every bright star who snags a James Madison Freedom of Information Award is a superstar investigative journalist. The annual contest, administered...

Dick Fogel, journalist and FOI legend, 1923-2009

Scroll down for B3 comments on Dick Fogel. San Francisco's Bay City News Service reported today that Dick Fogel, co-founder with his wife...

Blocking California’s sunshine: Proposed legislation would limit access to public information

By Rebecca Bowe The California Public Records Act guarantees the right to be able to request government documents that are part of the public record....

Holder’s FOIA memo a hit in Sunshine Week

Just in time for sunshine week, Attorney General Eric Holder declares that government records should henceforth be presumed public. Attorney General Eric Holder’s much anticipated...

Opening up

President Obama supports more sunshine, but advocates await the important details

Spin vs. substance

Sunshine complaints and sparse official calendars belie Mayor Newsom's claims of transparency

Freeing the press

Longtime media crusaders and students battling censorship honored by the Society of Professional Journalists with James Madison Awards in 2009

Newsom’s state secrets

It's difficult, and at times insanely difficult, to get even basic public information out of Newsom's office

Editor’s Notes

A free press is crucial to democracy

Editorial: Newsom’s state secrets

(Scroll down for Executive Editor Tim Redmond's best argument to save the Chronicle and how it ties in to James Madison's birthday, our...

Obama sunshine, at home

By Tim Redmond The Obama policy on open government is really remarkable, and the memo his press secretary sent out goes far beyond what I've...

Sunshine, at last

By Tim Redmond After eight years of brutal secrecy in Washington, including orders from the Justice Department directing agencies to defy Freedom of Information Act...

Project Censored

The top 10 stories the US news media missed in the past year

Dirty secrets under the big top

Lawsuits charge Ringling Bros. with abusing animals, endangering public health, and sabotaging its critics using CIA spooks. Could this be the end of the circus as we know it?

Hunting the lord of war

SF-based investigator Kathi Austin helped expose a notorious arms dealer and awaken the world to a key human rights struggle

Freedom of Information: Sunshine in the digital age

Digital sunshine: How technology can vastly improve public access to government -- our Freedom of Information issue

Freedom of Information: Sunshine experiment in Palo Alto

Posting e-mails from council members on the city's Web site

Freedom of Information: Battleship metadata

Legislation on mapping software would create an expensive new category of public records

Freedom of Information: A citizen’s guide to fighting secret government

Local and national organizations that offer a wide range of resources for journalists, citizen activists, and hell-raisers