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Freedom of Information

Sunshine superheroes

Three champions in the fight for open government


The top stories you didn't read in the mainstream media: expanding police state, NATO war crimes, criminalized protests, more

The Aoki files

An author sticks up for his outing of a community activist as a FBI informant


San Francisco did everything right. Now the feds are shutting down legal marijuana in town. And nobody can figure out what happened

The Feds are watching — badly

The FBI's modern snoop program is racist, xenophobic, misdirected, dangerous -- and really, really stupid

Fixing SF’s sunshine problems

Let's take our cues from Connecticut on this one

The FBI spies on mosques

The FBI has been sending agents to mosques in California and filing intelligence reports without any suspicion of criminal activity, records obtained by the...

You have the right to remain weird

Programmers from LA, Austin, and (duh) SF bring cult madness to the Roxie

Freeing the information

From a high school teacher to the Bay Citizen: this year's heroes in journalism

Yee offers a package of government sunshine bills

California Sen.Leland Yee (D-SF) may have finished in a disappointing fifth place in the mayor’s race, garnering just 7.5 percent of the first place...

Homeless families still waiting for a meeting … and housing

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee still has not met with homeless parents organized by the Coalition on Homelessness to discuss their proposed solutions to...

Tonight: Freedom of information panel on press passes

A few articles have been published over the past year or so about the availability of press passes in San Francisco, spurring a slew...

The death drug dealers

DEA launches criminal probe into states that illegally imported execution drug

DEA investigates illegal import of death drugs

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration is conducting a multistate criminal investigation into the actions that prison systems have taken to obtain a death drug...


THURSDAY 12What do radicals eat? Eat and talk politics with fellow revolutionaries at this fundraiser for the International Socialist Organization and its causes —...

Spies in blue

A secret memo indicates that SF cops may be working as FBI spies — with no local oversight

SF in top 38 counties nationwide that deport “non-criminal aliens”

So much for San Francisco being a sanctuary city. The National Day Laborer Organization (NDLON) and two other organizations have unearthed statistics that show...

US EPA, SF Health Department and Lennar accused of asbestos collusion

The  SLAM Coalition of Bayview Hunters Point Community Organizations and the New Orleans-based Advocates for Environmental Human Rights held a press conference outside US...

Sunshine superheroes

Our Freedom of Information Issue salutes the winners of the 2011 James Madison Awards

More questions about death drug

The Food and Drug Administration has finally released some more documents about the state's procurement of its death drugs. The Guardian and the ACLU requested the...

Don’t believe everything the government tells you

So this is weird. I was poking around on the National Pipeline Safety Mapping System website today, which is administered by the U.S. Department...

ICE says Secure Communities opt-out is possible

On Aug. 10, national civil rights groups released documents on the Department of Homeland Security's Secure Communities program. These groups' findings--based on information gleaned...

We sue the FBI

The Bay Guardian has joined the ACLU of Northern California and the Asian Law Caucus in suing the FBI to demand access to records...

Censored: calls for a revolution

Prison ban of communist newspaper raises activists' ire, sparks First Amendment questions