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Volume 47 Number 14

Golden doodles

Oscar predictions (and wishful thinking) for 2013


The new restaurant from Tony's Pizza Napoletana serves pizza and Italian treats you can't refuse


Surfing the Tartine line, digging into Downton Abbey

The wrong filter

Does the Internet own us now? A look at what Instagram's policy kerfuffle means for artists

Still the fairest

Heigh-ho to 'Snow White' on her 75th birthday

Bigger than Bigelow

Bin Laden thriller 'Zero Dark Thirty' courts controversy — and acclaim

Lamebows 2013

The gay gaffes and honey boo-boos of a very queer year

More school security? Maybe not.

"The message that we're sending to our children is that the world is a place to be feared, a place where calculus won't do you any good -- but where a gun will"

No headbutting?

A Lee Child fan follows Jack Reacher to the big screen

White men behaving (very) badly

Presenting the 2012 Off-Guard awards for the worst of a dismal yaer

The next board president

No, it's not just a title. Here's our best case scenario, and a word of advice for City Hall

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