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The end of landlines?

Seniors fear deregulation may leave them without service

Choked out

Jail death ruled a "homicide," his family gets a $350,000 payout, but the deputies remain on the job despite the persistent efforts of a witness

The scene at Yes on 37

November 6, 2012
A few dozen people are at CELLspace in the Mission District watching national returns on a massive screen while eagerly awaiting the results of...

The displaced businesses

There's a downside to the real-estate boom on Market Street

Giants’ revelers who crossed the line face charges

November 1, 2012
Yesterday's parade celebrating the Giants' World Series sweep almost went down without a hitch, no thanks to a handful of inebriated miscreants. Among...

Labor money fighting Prop. 32

So-called 'reform' measure turns into $100 million battleground

Was Realtor-financed attack ad illegally coordinated with Lee?

October 12, 2012
District 1 supervisorial candidate David Lee might have violated election laws prohibiting candidates from coordinating with groups doing independent expenditures after being featured in...

Berkeley Police implement new limits on spying and mutual aid

October 4, 2012
The Berkeley Police Department is undergoing some major policy changes after mounting pressure from the community to enact reforms, with new limits on its...

Nurses urge Pelosi and others to back the Robin Hood tax

October 2, 2012
Activists nationwide are pressuring Congress to pass a bill they say would generate hundreds of billions of dollars and stimulate economic growth on Main...

Ballot-access crew hit with huge legal fees

September 25, 2012
Six activists are being hit with overwhelming legal fees after their attempt to reverse California's new election process was blocked by a wealthy Republican....