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Volume 47 Number 34

Volume 47 Number 34 Flip-through Edition

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Tour of duty

Black Watch shows, tells about young men drawn to war

Talkin’ loud

BBC radio personality Gilles Peterson champions rare gems of acid jazz, dance music, and beyond


The avant-pop star talks new projects, music education, punk teendom, and tour snacks

Friendly spirits

Carry a small snake and an appetite for drink to the new Southside Spirits House in SoMa

Let’s dance

Noah Baumbach's Frances Ha believes in modern love


Fag Fridays, Steffi, Magic Mountain High, Azari & III, Osunlade, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System -- where to erase your memory over the long weekend

Vanishing city

Up against intense market pressure, longtime residents and community projects fade from SF

Growth potential

Imaginative dance takes shape at Kunst-Stoff Arts and the Garage


Take a look at the map on the front page and you get the point: Thousands of San Franciscans are getting thrown out of town

The meaning of Manning

What to take from SF Pride's bumblings and shut-outs? Maybe we're not so equal, after all

Fire fight

Police versus fire department versus pig with mustache versus Pinkie (a basketball story)

So many summertime festivals

Small town salsa, enviro-docs, artisan Jello shots, fun punk: warm weather celebrations abound in 2013. Here's our list