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Volume 47 Number 22

Here, here

Fashion trade associations are helping to resuscitate the Bay's local clothing game

I’m your fan

When Leonard Cohen comes around, an orgy of admiration follows

Threequel blues

GAMER: Impressive graphics can't save the too-familiar 'Crysis 3'

Volume 47 Number 22 Flip-through Edition

February 27, 2013
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American horror story

Hypnotic hybrid doc 'The Jeffrey Dahmer Files'

Punting for Peru

Faraway loves, a Cajun squeezebox, and huevos rancheros at Olivia's

Game on

Emerging choreographers Katharine Hawthorne and Tanya Bello offer auspicious premieres

Giving consent to capitalism

The week in sex events, plus a porn-friendly discussion

Why labor should oppose the pipeline

Keystone's XL Pipeline is not good for working people

Morale, management, and money

Internal problems plague city museums

Mrs. Wilsey’s fine art

Wealthy socialite enlists Fine Arts Museums staff to help with her personal art collection

Cutting from the bottom

Federal budget sequestration would hit the Bay Area's most vulnerable: poor children, battered women, AIDS patients

The G50: San Francisco’s top bars

From splashy dives to upscale classics (and everything in between) — our favorite spots to grab a drink