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Volume 47 Number 17

Hello goodbye

It's the end of Brass Menažeri, the 10th anniversary of BAGel Radio, and the start of Petra Haden's foray into a capella film scores. Plus: Pussy Riot Night at City Lights!

Volume 47 Number 17 Flip-through Edition

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Are your friends criminals?

Things get weird at the Zero Graffiti International Conference

Find your happy place

Yoga in a cathedral, fire rituals, "monkey conditioning": Find serenity at these 7 meditation-ready spots around the Bay

Peace of mind

Queer Lifespace and SF Therapy Collective bring healing to marginalized communities

Here’s the deal

Get your 2013 going with discounts on spa treatments, yoga classes, trims, and more

Rebel girls

Bikini Kill's Kathi Wilcox, the Lady Gaga experience, a soul troubadour, and the demise of a local punk band

TIC legislation is a rent control issue

We're in the most expensive city in the country, and we can't afford another 2,000 condo conversions

Quarterback sack

The huge plates at Celia's in San Rafael require a robust offense

The end of landlines?

Seniors fear deregulation may leave them without service

Old joy — and pain

San Francisco filmmaker (and Oscar nominee!) Sari Gilman talks 'Kings Point'

Surfing to shoot

Federal law loophole and thousands of arms listings make it easy to buy guns online

A shot of warmth

New cocktail and bite combinations to light up winter nights

Editor’s notes

Naming the airport after Harvey Milk is a must-do

Peace corps

Robert Moses' Kin unveils triumphant collaboration 'Nevabawarldapece'

Smith happens

arts@sfbg.comFILM Every year there's at least one: the adorable-old-coot fest, usually British, that proves harmless and reassuring and lightly tear/laughter producing enough to convince...

Harmon’s way

Dan Harmon charts his own course through the comedy universe

Mestranda Cigarra kicks ass

She started practicing capoeira when women didn't do that kind of thing — now she runs the show at her own school

All kinds of work and one play

SF Sketchfest's yearly gamut of comedy formats includes a remounting of 1998's off-off-color hit, 'SEX a.k.a. Wieners and Boobs'