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Snap Sounds: Brian Eno

December 3, 2012
BRIAN ENO LUX(WARP)The liner notes to Brian Eno’s Music for Airports (1978) act as a veritable Ambient Manifesto, outlining the philosophy of a genre...

Haunted house

Emerging from the bedroom, Ariel Pink unifies a fragmented musical landscape

Snap Sounds: Laetitia Sadier

September 13, 2012
LAETITIA SADIERSILENCIO(DRAG CITY)In her 20 years as the lead singer of Stereolab, Laetitia Sadier has dependably imparted a vital, earthy humanity to her band's...

Criminal and beyond: Fiona Apple’s evolution

September 7, 2012
You could say Fiona Apple belongs to an endangered species. One of the heavyweights in a lineage of 1990s major-label iconoclasts, dedicated to the...

Deltron 3030 is back

August 24, 2012
After releasing their self-titled debut LP to cultish acclaim in 2000, Bay Area hip-hop supergroup Deltron 3030 mysteriously dropped off the radar for over...

Skrillex vs Stevie Wonder at Outside Lands

August 14, 2012
Surveying the rabid Skrillex crowd, I felt old for one of the first times in my life. Like, John McCain, “get off my lawn”...

Hey SF, RZA is coming

August 14, 2012
The Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, and his highly influential production sound, are much too easily taken for granted. You’ve got his Minnie-Ripperton-on-helium tape speeding methods,...

Inspired pairing: Woods and Peaking Lights at Great American Music Hall

August 9, 2012
“Man, their songs just went on forever,” a fellow in a Velvet Underground shirt exclaimed with mild frustration, as electronic-dub outfit Peaking Lights closed...

Underworld’s dynamic opening ceremony soundtrack

July 31, 2012
Much has been made of London’s opening ceremony, and director Danny Boyle’s cheeky rejection of Beijing’s rigidly coordinated, assembly-line approach. (Seriously, will Queen Elizabeth...

Shearwater descends on Bottom of the Hill

July 27, 2012
Back in 2008, someone at a Shearwater show in Chicago posted a shaky video to YouTube, in which the Austin-based ensemble covered Talk Talk’s...

Full-flavored beer talk with Russian River Brewing Co.

July 19, 2012
Over the past 30 years, California microbrew has conquered niche markets and infiltrated the mainstream in its evolution from “social lubricant” to “serious, artisanal...

Like an Eric Andre in a china shop

July 13, 2012
What’s to be anticipated when Adult Swim’s most degenerate program hits the road? On Monday night, a sold-out crowd filled the Rickshaw Stop, ready...

Are these the 10 best albums of the year so far?

July 9, 2012
What vibrant musical times we’re living in! The year is halfway done, and we’re already up to our neck in more great albums than...

THEESatisfaction communicates its boldly cosmic agenda at the Independent

June 27, 2012
Amid the reign of Kanye, it can be easy to overlook the humble beginnings of hip-hop: a populist genre designed to be executed with...

Glass on Glass: an extended interview with the composer

June 22, 2012
Few living composers can claim more influence over the landscape of modern classical music than Philip Glass. A glance at his expansive discography —...

Philip Glass and Joanna Newsom’s one-off concert to save the Henry Miller Memorial Library

June 20, 2012
He's worked with the likes of Ravi Shankar, Leonard Cohen, Woody Allen, and Allen Ginsberg. Next week, one of the most influential living composers,...

Summer ale-manac

SUMMER DRINKS: Sours, s'mores, sessions, stouts -- the brews to choose for the season

Snap Sounds: Carletta Sue Kay

June 8, 2012
Carletta Sue KayIncongruent(Kitten Charmer)Carletta Sue Kay is the female alter-ego of SF musician Randy Walker, and this identity shift pushes his art in some...

Snap Sounds: Lone

June 4, 2012
LoneGalaxy Garden(R&S)Matt Cutler's back catalogue as Lone is the sonic equivalent of cotton candy: lush and ethereal to the point of cheapness, with little...

Destroyer’s Dan Bejar on Orson Welles, desert island records, and more

May 31, 2012
Destroyer’s Dan Bejar is a songwriter’s songwriter, revered within indie rock circles for his dense, erratic lyric sheets, and sharp, confrontational vocal delivery. So,...

Destroy build destroy

Dan Bejar brings a new lineup to last year's divisive Kaputt

Snap Sounds: Bullion

May 25, 2012
BullionLove Me Oh Please Love Me EP (Deek)Releasing singles and EPs as Bullion since 2008, laptop-whiz Nathan Jenkins has managed to avoid the generic,...

Party like it’s 1986: “Big Fun in the Big Town”

Toward the end of Big Fun in the Big Town (released today and available here), Dutch filmmaker Bram Van Splunteren's love letter to the...