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Celebrating Sid Laverents and amateur cinema clubs

Enter night

Chasing fluid chiaroscuro and complicated shadows with Noir City and Val Lewton

Raison ritual

YEAR IN FILM: Paying tribute to the films that paid closest attention

They were expendable

Revisiting Miklós Jancsó's Cinemascope war ballads

Serene velocity

Blues Control's mobile minimalism and Local Flavor

Camera lucida

Robert Beavers' decades in the making film cycle surfaces at Pacific Film Archives

Higher ground

Solnit's latest explores the utopic possibilities glimpsed in disaster

My country, my country

Heddy Honigmann Returns To Lima with Oblivion

Come of age

Pacific Film Archive celebrates 50 years of Ermanno Olmi


A withdrawn narration that moves with the stealth purpose of a folk tale

Rialto’s Best of British Noir

Film noir is getting a good workout during otherwise sunny September


Take Me to the Water searches the strange depths of full immersion baptism in song and image

Variety lights

PFA mines treasure from UCLA's Festival of Preservation

The deep end

Argentine filmmaker Lucrecia Martel visits YBCA

Domestic disturbance

Reflecting on Marco Ferreri's minimalist satire, Dillinger is Dead

The Lemonheads

The melodies that snag your adolescence are destined to boggle any attempt at objectivity


Throwing light on underrated action master Phil Karlson at Pacific Film Archive

It takes two

Windy & Carl's ambient, celestial-waxing pairing isn't as blissful as it seems

Natural light

Oliver Assayas puts on an antique roadshow with "Summer Hours"

SFIFF: In the realms of the real

Sacred Places and Z32 -- SFIFF's unconventional docs

The passion of Agnes

Agnes Varda's autobiographical doc spryly dissolves all boundaries

Made in U.S.A.

The fullest demonstration of Godard's aim to create a cinema that could take part in the jagged incongruities of modern life

Cat’s cradle

Ben Rivers' short films at Other Cinema and SF Cinematheque seek out overgrown paths

Talk about the passion

Slumberland Records turns 20