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Fruits of labor

Behold, a new imperfect cinema

Looking glass love

Abbas Kiarostami returns with a surreal take on Tuscan romance

Something wild

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Apichatpong Weerasethakul's shape-shifting Palme d'Or winner, arrives

Love comes in spurts

Talking with Gregg Araki about his eye-popping new film Kaboom

Bye bye blackbird

Pedro Costa examines the inner workings of French singer Jeanne Balibar

Past imperfect

YEAR IN FILM: Digging through the year in archival footage

Fight club

Master documentarian Frederick Wiseman turns to the sweet science

Darkest heart

Claire Denis' parable of postcolonial Africa

Side of the road

Kelly Reichardt visits Pacific Film Archive for a weekend retrospective

Wall Street hold ’em

Inside Job indicts the financial sector's role in the economic crisis

From here, cinema

"Radical Light" surveys a half-century of Bay Area alternative film and video

False witness

Talking with Yael Hersonski about her tactful excavation of a Nazi propaganda film

Practiced distance

The elements of Paul Clipson's streaming cinema -- showing at SFMOMA

False witness: Yael Hersonski on “A Film Unfinished”

September 28, 2010
Documentaries that “tell” the Holocaust tend to employ archival footage generically as a kind of historical flavoring. It’s rare that we are asked to...

Dreams untrue

Revisiting Robert Gardner's polarizing ethnographic films

Strong Weekend

The primeval power trio adds an athletic sense of conflict to shoegaze

Bringing out the dead

SFJFF docs raise important questions about the Holocaust on film

Sicily unbound

Celebrating the engaged cinema of Francesco Rosi

Nobody but you

Everyone Else thunders with a relationship's troubled interior

Bucharest calling

Contextualizing the recent wave of Romanian cinema

Not fade away

Tracking those SFIFF films bracketed by returns

City limits

A rare screening of Chris Marker's 1963 Paris portrait, Le joli mai

Wild yonder

Going the distance with remarkable flicks Sweetgrass and Let Each One Go Where He May


San Francisco Cinematheque welcomes classic American filmmaker James Benning