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On the Rise: Tony Molina

Teenage Fanclub-inspired pop from a Bay Area hardcore veteran

Bleached brings the sunshine at the Rickshaw Stop

March 5, 2014
It's no question that Bleached has come into success within the past year with the release of its debut album, Ride Your Heart, on record...

Real Estate indulges the fans — in a good way — at the Independent

March 4, 2014
So this New Jersey-based band called Real Estate came to San Francisco this weekend to play two sold-out shows for Noise Pop at...

BARF-y, in a good way: Bay Area record labels draw a cattle drive of local music lovers

February 17, 2014
On Saturday, the first annual Bay Area Record Label Fair (BARF) was born. As a labor of love between Father/Daughter Records and local promoters,...


After 15 years, Aquarius Records co-owner Andee Connors revives classic math rock band A Minor Forest


Garage rock pioneers the Sonics return on a wave of Total Trash

Thee Oh Sees, OBN III’s, and more shake up the Chapel

October 14, 2013
Once (three years ago) I broke my wrist at a Thee Oh Sees show, and despite the gnawing pain from my misshapen wrist, I...

Oakland’s Negative Standards support future punks

September 24, 2013
The band Negative Standards is essentially a crust art project.While maintaining d-beat chords and sludge-like breakdowns, the Oakland-based group makes use of non-instrumental noise...

On its fifth anniversary, Sunday Streets offers a lesson in urban experimentation

It’s hard to believe that Sunday Streets -- San Francisco’s version of the ciclovia, or temporary closure of streets to cars as...

Bugging out

The Urinals started off as artists, and ended up musicians

Feds force pot clubs to deal in cash, then ban use of armored cars

September 6, 2013
In the US Drug Enforcement Administration's latest attempt to smoke out medical marijuana dispensaries in the United States, the federal government agency made the...

North Beach conflict-of-interest zone

August 27, 2013
It's been over a year since North Beach's Piazza Market closed its doors – but nothing has come along to take its place. The...

Just a pipe dream? SF’s Whirr gets ‘Around’

August 27, 2013
In the cyclical nature of sonic trends, shoegaze has risen from the grave and out of obscurity again. With old guard bands such as...

Attorneys debate toxic turf during Beach Chalet project opponents’ last stand

August 19, 2013
Opponents of a city plan to install artificial turf soccer fields and stadium lights at the Beach Chalet soccer fields in Golden Gate Park...

Lawsuit challenging the Beach Chalet turf project goes to trial

August 14, 2013
Plans to place artificial turf and stadium lights on Beach Chalet’s soccer fields in Golden Gate have been in the works since 2011, and...

Dream deferred

Activists say Zimmerman verdict shows not enough has changed in the 50 years since the March on Washington

Agency official under fire for development project endorsement

August 8, 2013
Did a high-ranking official of a regional conservation authority improperly use her influence to secure $10,000 for a nonprofit she chairs the board of?...

With a rising profile, King Tuff still prefers music that sounds like it came out of a trashcan

August 6, 2013
Garage rock troubadour King Tuff is no stranger to playing outdoor venues like Golden Gate Park for Outside Lands.“One time I played in my...

Pedaling slowly

Bay Area Bike Share debuts with just 700 bicycles — not enough, say SF officials; too many, say bike rental companies

Cave of garage rock dreams: Primitive Hearts, Pinkslime, Lunch, Sweat Lodge

July 29, 2013
I came to an Undisclosed Cavernous Area (let’s call it U.C.A from here out) on Saturday in the greater Bay Area with the promise...

Q&A: If Sebadoh was a meal, it’d be chili over spaghetti

July 26, 2013
Many things have changed since Sebadoh released its last full-length album, The Sebadoh, 14 years ago. We’ve seen three respective presidents hold terms, have...

Rent Board Commissioner called a bad landlord, sued for $125,000 in damages

July 24, 2013
San Francisco renter Deborah Silverman has found herself in a kind of mousetrap. Silverman says she was driven out of her apartment...

“Eviction Free Summer” activists show up outside a landlord’s office to protest an eviction

July 3, 2013
On July 2, activists from "Eviction Free Summer," formed to defend tenants facing eviction, gathered outside landlord Rick Holman's South Park office building in...

Wrongfully terminated Oakland Airport workers still fighting to get their jobs back

June 27, 2013
A year ago, Hakima Arhab, a former Subway employee at Oakland International Airport, spoke up about the restaurant breaking living wage laws that guarantee...