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Welcome to our dining listings, a detailed guide by neighborhood of some great places to grab a bite, hang out with friends, or impress...


JULY 17 MUSIC Cannibal Ox Holy graveyards, Batman! Long dormant hip-hop duo Cannibal Ox are back, which is damn good news for laypeople and heads alike. While...

Amalgamated health care

Newsom's incomplete health plan is merged with Ammiano's controversial one

Talk to me, dammit

Welcome to the Bruce Blog, where editor and publisher Bruce B. Brugmann (B3) will be giving you his thoughts on everything from his home...

Music for nothing

Two jaded rock fans take their ears — and sanity — to the max and tune in to 95.7 Max FM in a 24-hour listening orgy featuring a computer playing "whatever it wants, whenever it feels like it"

When the lights go up

Ezra Feinberg built this Citay on rock 'n' roll

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› tredmond@sfbg.com Editor's NoteThe Healthy Saturdays folks were out leafleting in Golden Gate Park this weekend, on a stunningly beautiful Sunday, along with thousands...

The L word: Lesley

I hear car horns behind the voice of Lesley Gore on the phone, which makes sense, since the woman who sang "It's My Party"...

Sunshine smoke screens

EDITORIAL There are danger signals coming out of City Hall these days, some not-so-subtle indications that the city's open-government laws might be quietly coming...

Read James Chaffee’s response

Contact: James Chaffee 584-8999  SaveOurLibraries.com / savebooks@pacbell.net Being Vexatious Down At the Public Library Is a Virtue Open...

Dede Wilsey’s whoppers

De Young Museum patrons lie about the impact of Golden Gate Park road closures

Whither Slither?

Slimy things in film.


"You sound like such an old fogey when you go on about 'the club kids.' And how you do go on," hissed a perfectly...

Street fairs and fall festivals

IF YOU'VE been wondering where all the headline acts and theater companies go in that long gloomy stretch before the fall season, take a...