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From cabin to castle

Fuzzy math raises concerns about Camp Mather and the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

From Iraq and back

Omar Fekeiki's work with the Washington Post in his native country brought him death threats and a rare ticket to UC Berkeley. So why does he want to return?

California Sunshine

by Amanda Witherell thanks for the photo, from "brighter than sunshine" on flickr How awesome would it be if every time the Mayor's office violated the...

What’s the matter with the De Young?

Is the museum operating in good faith?

The sunshine posse

The FOI Issue: New sunshine warriors are changing the way City Hall does business

Blood money

Three movies explore why the US is broke

100 years of secrets

More than a century ago, Congress came within inches of allowing the president to punish newspapers at his discretion under the Espionage Act. Last month it almost happened again

James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners

The 2007 James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners: this year's First Amendment heroes

James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners

SF journalism association honors this year's First Amendment heroes

The ethics of flacks

Deception by former Newsom press secretary prompts legislation creating a code of conduct for the city's public information officers

Sunshine battles on three fronts

It's been a terrible year for open government

A little help from their friends

Reporters say Delancey Street gets no money from the government. They're wrong.

Academy fight song

Our Oscar dreams

Why people get mad at the media (part 10) The Associated Press corrects an important media story with a non correction

Bruce B. Brugmann Well, to its credit, the Associated Press did put out a Feb. l correction to its story of Jan....

Why people get mad at the media (part 9). the Chronicle and Associated Press blow the big media story and refuse to make...

By Bruce B. Brugmann The Bay Guardian, the Media Alliance, and the First Amendment Project won a major victory in federal court last week and...

Fun with whistleblowers!

By G.W. Schulz Every six months or so, the San Francisco Controller’s Office releases a summary of the numerous whistleblower complaints it receives from citizens...

Make a wish

Suzu Japanese Restaurant

Let them eat pancakesi


Tantalizing question: How can the Chronicle/Hearst say one thing in superior court in Santa Clara County and the opposite in federal court in San...

By Bruce B. Brugmann In Friday's San Francisco Chronicle, below the fold in the business section, there was a tantalizing head with a tantalizing lead...


MUSIC Kronos Quartet Christmas is brushing off rocks in the rear-view mirror and New Year’s is coughing up exhaust. ’Tis the season for Scraping Foetus off...

F stands for family …

... and for fucked up -- an apt tag for 2006's movie kin

Get Crafty!

Save your season with holiday handicrafts

Hallelujah, more lists!

Online exclusive: more local players and playas' top 10s

Gavin Newsom’s datebook

Just how is the Mayor spending his time?