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A memo to constituents of Rep. Nancy Pelosi

By Bruce B. Brugmann To fellow San Franciscans: Now that even the San Francisco Chronicle/Hearst has declared in a lead front page story that Pelosi will...

One word: plastics

› paulr@sfbg.com These days it is hard to be sure if the American way is war or plastic. Probably both, and since plastic is a...

Mining metadata

Supervisors OK the release of information buried beneath public documents

The devil in the metadata

San Francisco struggles with a different kind of public record

Fast Food Nation

Spit on your burger's the least of your worries

The new sunshine “problem”

EDITORIAL Matt Dorsey, who handles press for City Attorney Dennis Herrera, stopped by last week to talk to us about the barrage of public...

And now City Hall claims there’s a new “sunshine” problem. We suggest how to deal with it.

By Bruce B. Brugmann The City Attorney and City Hall are lathered and steamed these days because of a barrage of public records requests...

City hall’s new secrets

EDITORIAL Back in 1999 reporter Scott Rosenberg dug up a juicy little scoop for Salon: he found out that part of Microsoft's annual report...


› tredmond@sfbg.com I tell this story to politicians a lot, and I'm telling it again because there's an awful lot of angst at City Hall...

Rock between wars: Ecstatic Sunshine

No boring moments on the zippy Freckle Wars

Surfing new turf

Christopher Willits swings between ambient bliss and grating discord

The first 40

40th Anniversary special: How we made it against all odds — and why we'll be here for the duration

East Bay races and measures

Editor's note: The following story has been altered from the original to correct an error. We had originally identified Courtney Ruby as running for...

Escape pods

What, exactly, is "the love"?

Restoration Hardcore

KDVS's Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom IV fest

Why does the OES fear KGO-TV?

The controversy over obtaining copies of San Francisco's disaster plans

Google’s dog and pony show

By Steven T. Jones First, Mayor Gavin Newsom tapped his buddies at Google (in partnership with Earthlink) to build a citywide wireless system that would...

California’s secret police

EDITORIAL If a doctor does something really terrible and is suspended from the practice of medicine, the record is public: anyone — a potential...

When the lights go down

Twenty-five more reasons (plus one) to run to and from the theater this fall

Why people get mad at the media, part 7, a letter to the editor of Business Week/McGraw Hill

Note to the reader: This is a copy of a letter I emailed today to the unidentified "editor filter" at bw@businessweek.com, as instructed...


Aug. 12 Film San Francisco Home Movie Day This is the fifth annual national celebration of Home Movie Day, and Stephen Parr of the San Francisco Media...

Sunshine magnified

By Steven T. Jones It was good to see the Sentinel today amplifying our story about how the mayor's office gave us seven contested e-mails...

Newsom, it’s time to end the Sunshine wars

EDITORIAL For months now, Mayor Gavin Newsom's press office has been fighting with Sup. Chris Daly over a series of internal memos that Daly...


Document battle frustrates the mayor's flacks and galvanizes a new breed of activist