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Street Fight

Pedaling and feasting

MOVEABLE FEAST 2014 From whole cracked crabs to lamb burritos: eating my way through coastal California bike tours

Money for Muni

Learning the A, B, and Ls of this fall's transportation ballot measures

Contending with cars, at the polls and on vacation

STREET FIGHT San Francisco's politics of mobility devolved into a cesspit this summer. Beginning with Mayor Ed Lee's retreat on Sunday parking meters, purportedly...

Google Bus sewers

Bulky shuttles belong on car-centric corridors, not neighborhood streets

Transportation funding faces key test after Mayor Lee flips on VLF increase UPDATED

Facing a deadline of tomorrow’s San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting to introduce measures for the November ballot, advocates for addressing the...

Bay Guardian Community Forum! Bikes, buses, and budgets: How to create the transportation system San Franciscans need

Join the San Francisco Bay Guardian as we explore the current swirl of challenges and initiatives that will determine how people get around San...

Tune in to Alternative Ink, the Guardian’s radio show LISTEN NOW

Greetings, Guardianistas, we’re making the leap from your eyeballs to your earholes with Alternative Ink, our new radio show on BFF.fm, San Francisco’s best...

Carmageddon cometh

San Francisco needs to radically rethink its transportation system to avoid gridlock

Unanswered question on SF housing

Nobody has a good answer to San Francisco's most basic housing problem: How do we build the housing that existing city residents need? It was a...

Seeking technology and economic/social justice columnists

The Bay Guardian is looking for a pair of new freelance writers to do separate monthly columns covering the technology industry and economic/social justice...

Bicycling and equity: Heed the call, expand the movement

Street Fight covers the National Bike Summit and its outreach to women and minorities

Climate fight is a street fight

STREET FIGHTProlonged warm-weather droughts seem a normal part of California life, but the intensity of drought impacts — shrinking snowpack, intense wildfires, crop failures,...

Nickels and dimes… or transit for our times?

STREET FIGHT Much has been written about the so-called "Google buses" and San Francisco's latest round of gentrification. It's a horrible mess and the...

Steering transportation funding

STREET FIGHT The coming year will be a critical one for shaping transportation in San Francisco. Mayor Ed Lee's Transportation Task Force, comprised of...

Bus stop

Muni could collect millions in fines against private shuttles — but it won't

Development must protect the arts

By Stephanie Weisman OPINION Recently, the Bay Guardian ran an article critical of The Marsh theater's position on the condo development proposed for 1050...

Driving us crazy

Street Fight: Are some progressives screwed-up on parking?

Parking and the gentrification of food

How catering to motorists makes groceries more expensive

Van Ness BRT moves forward, slowly, despite the need for rapid reforms

San Francisco today inched closer to finally creating a modern bus rapid transit system on Van Ness Avenue, nine years...

Street Fight

How whining motorists hijack smart, equitable transit planning

Street Fight: Plan Bay Area falls short of a worthy goal

Last week’s adoption of Plan Bay Area by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission was a watershed moment in regional planning. The plan links regional planning...

The street fight over bicycles, in NYC and SF

A few weeks ago Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz inflamed the contentious street fight over urban cycling in America. Decrying bicyclists...

The zero-sum future

We can switch from cars to bikes, now. Or we can leave our kids a climate-change disaster

“Street Fight” examines the politics of mobility in San Francisco

Ideology plays a bigger role in shaping San Francisco than most people realize, as we've discussed in this space before. Nowhere is that more...