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Bernal blows up

PG&E's unresponsiveness and history of sloppy recordkeeping raise concerns about construction near its pipelines

Guardian Intelligence: May 7 – 13, 2014

LAST CHANCE TO VOTE!The San Francisco Bay Guardian is pleased to salute small businesses and recognize local merchants who are creating jobs, keeping neighborhoods...

Vulnerable San Francisco ignores growing tech bubble talk

While business and political leaders within San Francisco continue to express optimism that the technology industry will keep growing and filling all the new...

Opening up

Sara Shelton Mann's site-specific exploration 'The Eye of Horus'

Two views of the waterfront

Controversial developments proposed for Port of San Francisco property trigger public debate about who should control the city's valuable edge

Guardian endorsements

Campos for Assembly, Yes on Props. B and 42, re-elect Gov. Jerry Brown — our recommendations for the June 2014 primary election

SFBG Wrap, April 9-16

Shrimp Boy is innocent (say his attorneys), Airbnb comes clean, and Ellis Act reform advances

Stop the eviction of Benito Santiago

OPINIONI attended a rally in support of eviction fighter Benito Santiago as he battles to keep his home of more than 30 years from...

Crowdfunding real-estate: A tool to combat displacement or another nail in the coffin?

A key provision in the JOBS Act, a legislative package signed into law by President Obama in April of 2012, was hailed as a...

Leno’s Ellis Act reform bill clears first legislative hurdle

Sen. Mark Leno’s Senate Bill 1439 — which would protect rent-controlled housing in San Francisco by amending the Ellis Act, including making...

Privatization of public housing

Many residents feel they're moving from the frying pan of Housing Authority control into the fire of developer and nonprofit management

Rising tide of plutocracy

EDITORIAL The pace of life under late capitalism seems to be speeding up these days, and so too have the bad news developments and...

Port of Oakland rejects deceptive contract bid by Black Muslim security firm

Editor’s Note: This report, which appears in today’s Oakland Tribune, is part of the continuing efforts of the Chauncey Bailey Project, a joint investigation...

Boom for whom?

Why isn't San Francisco's hot economy creating a budget surplus to address its costly byproducts?

On the Rise

Spaced-out electro-pop, Ethiopian-influenced jazz, feminist hip-hop, and a string quartet partial to Radiohead: 11 Bay Area artists who will keep you on your toes this year

Cleaning up poor people

Secretive agenda behind Clean Up The Plaza threatens one of San Francisco's last low-income neighborhoods

The unanswered question: How do we bridge SF’s affordable housing gap?

Nobody has a good answer to San Francisco’s most basic housing problem: How do we build the housing that existing city residents need? It...

Clean Up The Plaza run by political consultant with ties to developers

Neighborhood and progressive political activists have long been suspicious of the shadowy Clean Up The Plaza campaign and its possible connections to a massive...

All of the fucks that we should be giving: An evening with Ani DiFranco

By Kelly McFarlingWhen I was 13, I was a late-blooming tomboy, watching, confused, as everyone around me grew up and started acting different.In school,...

Three upcoming events on housing in San Francisco

There are a few upcoming opportunities to have your say in the ongoing dialogue about the San Francisco tenants’ struggle as long-term renters grapple...

Barroom backchannel

Can tech workers and progressive activists cooperate in the fight against displacement? Maybe, but don't tell their bosses.

Real Estate indulges the fans — in a good way — at the Independent

So this New Jersey-based band called Real Estate came to San Francisco this weekend to play two sold-out shows for Noise Pop at...

Music Listings Feb. 26-Mar 4, 2014

WEDNESDAY 26ROCK50 Mason Social House: 50 Mason, San Francisco. The Ever After, The Proofs, 8pm, free.Bender’s: 806 S. Van Ness, San Francisco. Noise Pop...

Tech must support Ellis reforms

EDITORIALSan Francisco is facing an eviction crisis, a reality that politicians of all ideological stripes have finally begun to address. It was good to...