Will 49er tailgating burn the Alice Griffith Housing Project?

By Sarah Phelan Residents of the Alice Griffith Housing project were a tad upset when they learned that Mayor Gavin Newsom's retooled effort to stop...


Feb. 1 VISUAL ART “Is Heaven Any Sweeter” Thanks to Paul Mullins's skill with ink and acrylics, images of sad dogs become something more...

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The owls of Bernal Hill

NOISE: Waits’s cheap shite serenaders

Hey, who let the raindogs out? Revere that downtown trainwreck of a songwriting god? Bow down before all beery minstrels' household saint? You love...

WOW now

Molissa Fenley highlights the second program of a growing festival

Where are the chicks?

A half dozen California quail -- all males -- are all that remain in the once-teeming Presidio. What does the plight of the official state bird say about wildlife management in San Francisco?

Cinema 2006

Top 10s, rants, and raves

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They rule — and drool

Clown cars riddle the work of leonardogillesfleur

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The kitchen sink

Pho Little Saigon 3

Give, give, give

But what? Check out our suggestions for holiday reciprocity

Junk bonds

Sweet — doesn't the sight of Gwen Stefani shaking her logo in your face on that singing-nun mess of a video for "Wind It...

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The death of David Ayoob didn't get a lot of headlines. He wasn't famous in that way; he never ran for office or made...

Bumpy ride

› Dear Andrea: I'm a 50-year-old male. I've been married for 23 years and have two grown kids. The problem is my wife. She has...

Online Exclusive: Method Man at the crossroads

Sitting down with the Wu-Tang Clan man

Change of heart

The joys of Tartine

NOISE: Ka-Chingy! For free, actually

Who doesn't love free music? Can we all agree that despite its mammoth size and the weird experience of tearing through brambles and over...

Welcome to the nightmare

Can the man who stole the election actually govern Mexico?

Doggie do

Bring your favorite pooch (even if he regularly snacks on your US Weekly -- dude, a tooth mark right through Jennifer Aniston's face!) to...

The slither king

Snakes on a Plane wrangler Jules Sylvester sssspeaks!

The slither king: the complete interview

This is not a story about the feverish hype swirling around Snakes on a Plane. It’s not a review of the film, because Snakes...

Pup culture

Hot collars for hot dogs

Habitat Potential

The biggest deterrent for the east-west migratory subset of species homo sapiens is a lack of niche habitat in San Francisco. While a unique...