City Attorney says Jew must go

By Sarah Phelan Things do not look good for beleagured Sup. Ed Jew. Today. City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced that the evidence against the rookie...

Bars of mystery

Nancy Drink gets and alcoholiclue

Hit it or quit it

Short takes on films at Frameline 31

Pet projects

Pet Projects: Can the San Francisco SPCA overcome recent setbacks and regain its position as a leader in the national no-kill movement?

Hole in the street

How one homeless man's death impacted the various Haight Street communities he looked after

Ed Jew throws a one-two punch at the PUC–then flies to China

Guardian photo of Ed Jew by Charles Russo By Sarah Phelan Before leaving the country at 1am this morning for the home of his ancestors, beleagured...

Istanbul May 11, 2007

By Bruce B. Brugmann CNN today was drumming on with news of Tony Blair going and Gordon Brown coming in as prime minister of Great...


Route 1 Diner

Nude beaches

Our updated guide to places to strip by the shore

Eyes on the prize

Forking up a Pulitzer


Casa Mexicana

The Martin Luther King you don’t see on TV

After civil rights achievements, calling for an end to war

Super Index: The Bay Area by the numbers

A rundown of interesting figures

Superlist No. 824: DIY dog washes

Scrub your mucky pup for dirt cheap

Mission: fresh-air beer

Outdoor alcoholic outposts


March 12 MUSIC Youth Group It's no small feat that Aussie gossamer popsters Youth Group were able to rescue Alphaville's overwrought new wave flashback-grenade...

James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners

The 2007 James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners: this year's First Amendment heroes

James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners

SF journalism association honors this year's First Amendment heroes

Editor’s Notes

Leno vs. Migden: finally, maybe, a choice

Up on the roof

Duelling White House chefs

Bong hits the mainstream

The antiestablishment answer to Spielberg arrives

The Wild, Wild West

Pelosi's legacy: private business at the Presidio may be exempt from all state and local labor laws

Noise Pop: Miss him?

The psychic ills, family feuds, and resilience of Roky Erickson