Pub date January 31, 2007

Feb. 1


“Is Heaven Any Sweeter”

Thanks to Paul Mullins’s skill with ink and acrylics, images of sad dogs become something more than kitsch, something akin to a free-floating vision from a dream. The SF artist digs into his Appalachian roots in the new show “Is Heaven Any Sweeter,” and the occasional canine is mixed in with his memories of mountain boys. (Johnny Ray Huston)

5:30–7:30 p.m. reception, free
Through March 17
Heather Marx Gallery
77 Geary, second floor, SF
(415) 627-9111


Jesus Roast

Speaking of assassination, isn’t there a famous historical figure who’s already endured a very public humiliation once before? Is it possible that he’s come again — as he promised — in order to sit through an evening of jabs, jibes, and tribute courtesy of Comedy Noir? Well, Jesus H. Christ, if isn’t the son of God himself (a.k.a. Kurt Weitzmann) and a panel of equally prestigious roasters, including Satan (Nick Leonard), Mary Magdalene (Candy Churilla), Red Buttons (Howard Stone), and Muhammad (Will Franken). (Nicole Gluckstern)

8 p.m., $10
Comedy Station
244 Taylor, SF