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Holding corporations accountable for job creation claims

Amid the ongoing state budget impasse and an election season dominated by scapegoating public employee unions for public sector fiscal problems, Sen. Leland Yee...

Newsom’s budget and DCCC hypocrisy

Hypocrisy hung thickly in the air at City Hall today as Mayor Gavin Newsom refused to responsively address glaring contradictions on a pair of...

Newsom’s one bright spot (and even it’s a bit dingy)

Covering Mayor Gavin Newsom's devious exploits for this story last week, watching as the ever-ambitious Newsom sacrificed the city's fiscal future on the altar...

Newsom’s hypocritical embrace of sunshine

We at the Guardian are big advocates for more transparency in government, as this week’s annual Freedom of Information issue attests, but I had...

The “jobs” shell game

Newsom pushes business tax cuts and fee delays despite evidence they do more harm than good

Biotech’s bonanza

Is the local business tax exemption for this thriving industry worth the cost?

Newsom’s faith-based economic plan

By Steven T. Jones The theory that cutting taxes on corporations and the rich creates wealth that eventually trickles down to help everyone -- a...

What’s wrong with San Francisco?

The only new revenue in the budget comes from fee increases on Muni, public parks, after-school programs, and the like

Beyond the bloody cuts

This is no time for modest, cautious proposals. The budget situation is alarming

MUD money

A public power agency can cut rates by 20 percent - and still operate with a budget surplus.

A fall revenue measure

Almost everyone at City Hall knows the current tax system is unfair, regressive, and inadequate

Editor’s Notes

Happy Healthy San Francisco -- here's the bill.

A small business survey: fill it in

Here comes the Scott Hauge/Small Business California Survey. Deadline March l0. By Bruce B. Brugmann As attentive Guardian readers know, it is small businesses...

How Oakland’s fearful politicos enabled waste: Part II

E.M. Health attempts to burrow away debt

A strong small-business agenda

EDITORIAL You read the academic journals these days, or peruse economic-development Web sites, and everyone seems to be talking about sustainable urban economics. It's...