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Girls cover ‘I Will Always Love You’


San Francisco’s Girls paid tribute to Whitney Houston — whose untimely death this weekend stunned the globe — with this emotional cover of her cover of “I Will Always Love You.”

Telegenic Band Check: Kelly McFarling


SFBG videographer Ariel Soto-Suver, along with a small posse of banjo fans, met with Kelly McFarling at Viracocha in the Mission for an intimate evening concert.

Here is your extra special Valentine’s Week fairy


Somehow, Valentine’s Day has grown into an entire week — and come hell or high Hallmark, we may just get away with avoiding it altogether (despite all the actually cool stuff going on). What we will not avoid, however, is enjoying this special Cupid of the Castro, caught on tape way back in 2006. Heart u, SF! 

Shabazz Palaces get Amharic


Languorous bike-riding, age-old mother-daughter conflicts, technicolor flower-bursts, and a surprising glimpse into the Ethiopian community of (we suppose) Seattle, the hometown of cosmic hip-hop duo Shabazz Palaces make the video for their new single, “Are You … Can You … Were You? (Felt)” off last year’s awesome Black Up album a nice Monday start. They’ll be performing this Thu/2 at Yoshi’s SF. (10:30 p.m., $18-$22. 1330 Fillmore, SF. www.yoshis.com)  

Telegenic Band Check: Lia Rose


Berkeley-based musician Lia Rose enchanted SFBG videographer Ariel Soto-Suver and a handful of others with her beautiful voice during an intimate living room concert in the Castro hills last week.

Telegenic Band Check: Magic! Magic Roses


Magic! Magic Roses gave SFBG videographer Ariel Soto-Suver a private living room performance and their conversation took her to concerts at Big Sur and dreams of sparkling hair accessories. The piece they performed will be on their new, upcoming album, but first they need a little Kickstart

Telegenic Band Check: Corpus Callosum


SFBG videographer Ariel Soto-Suver met local SF band and performance troupe, Corpus Callosum, in their studio to record a live set and learned all about their love of video game music.

Telegenic Band Check: Timmy Mezzy


After picking up some bulk food items at Rainbow Grocery, SFBG videographer Ariel Soto-Suver crossed Folsom to join local SF band Timmy Mezzy in its studio to check out the band’s sugar-soaked sound.

Watch a San Francisco ukulele star plead her case


It’s tough to be a musician in this town. Not everyone has the natural talent and drive, plus it’s tiring and costly spending every waking moment trying to show the world your sound. So we tip our hats for adorable Uni and her Ukulele and her efforts to release a new record — with the help of some Kickstarter dough. In this video, she pleads her case.

Premiere: Ramon and Jessica “Snow Day”


Here’s an exclusive new video from Ramon and Jessica, a local San Francisco duo that hopscotches folk, pop, and freaky experimental. The single, “Snow Day” was released today, the album, Fly South, comes out in early 2012.

Atari Teenage Riot releases second “Black Flags” edit with footage from Boots Riley and Steve Aoki


Notorious German electro-hardcore group Atari Teenage Riot teamed up with Anonymous to release this second video edit for its song, “Black Flags” late last month, with footage culled from Boots Riley, Steve Aoki, and other Occupy Wall Street supporters. It’s an ongoing video project; submit your statement here.

Peel your eyes for the SF Underground Short Film Fest


The ininimitable Peaches Christ has just released the teaser for her annual filmic funfest for those who take their movies wee, happening Nov. 19. Talking head in a toilet! Need we say more.

Twin Peaks witch house, y’all


We’re stoked about the upcoming 20th anniversary tribute to Twin Peaks at the Roxie this Saturday — and we found this witch house tribute to really bring the uncanny spookiness home. Shivers.   

“Total Decay” your Halloween holiday, the Soft Moon way


In anticipation of local haunted popsters The Soft Moon‘s Halloween concert at the Independent, here’s the static-drenched new video for track “Total Decay.” (And get into the band’s fresh and freaky mix for Fact Magazine here.)

Telegenic Band Check: Tiny Home


SFBG Videographer Ariel Soto-Suver spent an early Sunday morning in Glen Canyon with Tiny Home, who serenaded her, along with the help of some birds in the nearby trees.

Video Premiere: Uzi Rash “Garbageland”


Beach squelch shimmy is back.

Just in time for its Halloween show at Brick & Mortar Music Hall, where it will take part in punk rock tradition alongside the likes of Nobunny and Ty Segall, Oakland’s Uzi Rash has gifted us this exclusive peek at its next album, a video directed Dan Shaw (big brother of Shannon of Shannon & the Clams).

I Was 30 in 2012, due out in November after some delay, features the song “Garbageland.” Enjoy scenes of what appears to be the band giving “Ring Around the Rosie” a go, mixed with horrifying images of half-human, half-beasts foraging for rotten foods. I would say that this is reminiscent of the “I am The Walrus” segment from Magical Mystery Tour on acid, but it’s fair to assume that was already the case. So take a gander here at this bum trip version — or perhaps it’s Uzi Rash’s take of a dystopian future, and remember to catch the band covering the Undertones for Halloween this Friday, Oct.28.

Uzi Rash
With Nobunny,Ty Segall, Apache, and Zulus
Friday/28, 8 p.m. $10, 18+
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
1710 Mission, SF
(415) 800-8782.

Telegenic Band Check: The GoldDiggers


SFBG videographer Ariel Soto-Suver met up with local alt-country band the GoldDiggers in Golden Gate Park for a live concert at the band stand, and learned about the band’s passions for spelunking and mumblety-peg.

Telegenic Band Check: Dominant Legs


SFBG videographer Ariel Soto-Suver spent the afternoon with SF act Dominant Legs to shoot a mini-concert on its back porch, just before the band’s national tour.

Getting started with Sour Flour


Raise it up! SFBG videographer Ariel Soto-Suver drops in on a delectable bread-baking basics class with Danny Gabriner of La Victoria Bakery in the Mission.

J-Pop Summit madness


Mega mega fire S.O.S.O.S.! The Japanariffic J-Pop Summit is this weekend and SFBG editors Emily Savage and Caitlin Donohue will be tweeting (@tofuandwhiskey and @caitlindonohue, respectively), Facebooking, and posting here about the wild music, films, culture, and – yes! — amazing outfits. Get ready to anime-te. (Video by J-Pop guests Danceroid.)  

Holy manta rays! (A journey to Treasure Island with Tiny Town Productions)


I’m coming to pick you up right now, we’re going to Treasure Island, and we’re gonna see manta rays. Jeff Waldman and Andrew Hartley shot this footage of the scrap of land (recently labeled a “food desert” for its low income residents by the Department of Agriculture) to practice their videography skills for the upcoming Bolivian leg of their “multi-country experiment in random acts of kindness.” What’d they find?

Definitely not grocery stores, but public housing, art collectives, condemned military structures, wineries, and a family of manta ray-anglers. “It’s a crazy weird place that’s largely abandoned but also partially inhabited by an eclectic mix of bizarre personalities. You get the sense that you can do anything there, without consequence or attention, despite being a stone’s throw from the most densely populated metropolitan area on the West Coast,” says Waldman. 

Fist Fam’s “Drinkin” in the Cackalack backwoods


There are few hip-hop crews that get so gleefully shitfaced at gigs — in fact, I think cheap domestics actually power Fist Fam’s psychedelic hip-hop pick-up truck. Or maybe the group’s mojo, underlaid with remixed crate gems from DJ Al Lover, comes from the fact the whole posse is family-close, having moved to the Bay from North Carolina pretty much en masse a few years ago. Both factors (Coors Banquet and bro love) are present in the video for the group’s new summer anthem, shot at emcee Philo’s childhood home in what the press release calls “the moonshine mountains of Asheville.” So how drunk was the Fam by the end of a day of “Drinkin”? “I think fools went out to the bars afterwards though, so maybe not drunk enough,” recalls Al Lover, somehow. 

Tim Carr is a “Fame Whore” (maybe)


We were tickled earlier this year by local songsmith Tim Carr’s clever “Shake Your Caboose” video — now comes a Gaga-ripping, kiddy-hip clip for “Fame Whore” from his forthcoming album The Shadows, due out in December. How many infantilized SF club kids can you spot? 

SFBG Video: Devil’s Teeth Baking Company is sinfully delicious


Ariel Soto-Suver visits 2011 Best of the Bay winner Devil’s Teeth Baking Company (“Best Beelzebubian Beignets“) – and digs into the Sunset shop’s heavenly offerings. Powdered sugar: w00t!