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Video Pick

SF bears gone viral!


Caught by the hairily wonderful DJ Rotten Robbie (and via The Awl), a “brief” look at designer Walter Van Beirendonck‘s furry fashion extravaganza that had all the cubs panting in Berkeley this past Sunday. Let the fur fly free! (Can you name all the bears?) Maybe NSFW?

Butch Beat us, Kool-Aid child

Some fab new queer hip-hop styley from Hollywood’s Ab Soto. who lifts street-mumu to the cute max. He’ll be giving it up at the wild-wild Big Top party at Club 8 during Memorial Day Weekend, Sat/29.

The bee’s knees


In honor of the upcoming Earth Day — and Sarah Phelan’s indepth look at little buzzers in this week’s issue of the Guardian — we pay a visit to the San Francisco Beekepers Association.

CubaCaribe Dance Festival sweeps into the Bay


Ariel Soto takes an indepth look at the energetic and festive dancers and organizers behind Cuba Caribe, one of the Bay’s liveliest dance festivals, beginning Wed/15.

Kick the pixels outta ’em


Director Patrick Jean’s pixellated destruction of NYC may be a bit “too soon” for some folks — but for us primitive video game addicts it takes us back to quarter-dropping bliss on a Transformers scale. (The more San Franciscan version of this, of course, has been done before)  

Forget “Clash of the Titans” — it’s time for a Space Tranny


It may be a long way home for local chanteuse Tweaka Turner — watch that asteroid, lady — but she’s rocketed her “Space Tranny” earworm straight to the heart of the Guardian nebula. Just try to blast this out of your head … 

Foals ride a cold Saharan wave


It’s sunny at the moment in SF, but Guardian faves Foals bring a glowing, dark Nordic vibe in their latest video “Spanish Sahara” — hirsute cutie singer Yannis Philippakis’ tears and all. Second album Total Life Forever comes out May 11.

On excessive usage of flat screens and greased up women


It’s a good week for hip-hop. After my interview with Chilean rapera Ana Tijoux, I caught this vid, thanks to the homeboys over at Mission Mission.

So thanks to you, Seattle based beat box yuckster Reggie Watts, for reaffirming my sense that hip-hop is alive, well, and still has a sense of humor about it all. In this video, he releases an extensive daisy chain of expletives onto walls and into glass bowls, then nicely illustrates and explicates the consumerism and chauvinism in mainstream rap/muck. It’s nice, you’ll like it.



farm:table brings deliciousness into the round


Newish restaurant farm:table floods the Tenderloin with seasonal delights and “camp cooking.” Gourmet hardboiled eggs, anyone?

Owen Pallett deals with rain, spectacularly


The official video for Canadian Owen Pallett‘s (aka Final Fantasy) gossamer-gutwrench “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt” from the new Heartland is a Ryan Trecartin-esque romp with witchy hats, hockey masks, Balloon Boy, Orange Crush, jumbly geometrical soap sculpture, and self-stabbing.

But this live vid of the song, from a downpour at the Hillside Festival in Guelph, Ontario last June, shows that the effervescent one-man band needs no electro-conceptual props to get the joy across. (He’ll be here May 5 at the Independent — indoors, alas.)

Wednesday, May 5, 8pm, $16
The Independent
628 Divisadero,SF


Flirty gay Saudi fake cop goes viral, may be killed


It may be a death wish, but you can’t stop the queen. Via Towleroad, this video of a 27-year-old guy having a bit of fun blew up in Saudi Arabia, and the participants have been arrested and charged with “homosexuality,” “general security,” and impersonating a cop. Homosexuality is still considered a capital offense in Saudi Arabia. But, you know, we really need the oil. Great hair flip at 1:45.

“Cruising” — Hunx and His Punx


It’s hard to keep up with Justin Kelly‘s video endeavors — he’s got new clips for Harlem (“Gay Human Bones”), Alexis Penney (the sublime “Lonely Sea”), and a few from Hunx on the way. Here’s another one of his Hunx collabos, for the handclap-fantastic “Cruising,” with its unmatched climactic bridge realization that “I’ve blown all the straight boys in L.A.” Three hundred and sixty degrees of neon, cutoffs, and best of all Brande, coming your way.

“Belong” — Washed Out


As a friend wrote the other day, if you can’t exorcise your demons, exercise them. To motivate my sullen self to run and swim, I’m skipping right past Nagi Noda‘s justifiably famous poodle freeweight extravaganza Ex-Fat Girl and heading straight to the Fonda-riffic video for “Belong” by Washed Out. 1-2-3-4, star wipe!

“Gonna Find Boyfriends Today” — Myles Cooper USA


What’s as inspiring as Myles Cooper‘s 2010 anthem “Gonna Find Boyfriends Today”? The video for “Gonna Find Boyfriends Today,” directed by another San Francisco talent, Skye Thorstenson. It’s true. SF is home to singing strawberries, dancing cupcakes, Mr. Peanuts, cherubic choirs, floating hearts and flaming hearts. Find yourself a cutie and watch it.

Illin’ for Illiad


A preternatural rooting of the vengeful Bush legacy (and Obama continuance) into neo-classical sonic aesthetics? Another uncanny contemporary slice (in slo-mo) of the Illiad? A Shriekback? Sea breeze, sea breeze… These New Puritans‘ “We Want War” from the awesome and challenging new Hidden (Domino) complexifies their post-punk revival ways to put the sinew in Stravinsky, the killer in Achilles.

“Sha-Boo-Lee” — Brontez shakes it


Reasons to watch the Younger Lovers‘ “Sha-Boo-Lee,” directed by Irwin Swirnoff: hula hoops; cotton candy; Vespas; Mission Adult Superstore; pay phones, Fag School; naked sunbathing; dance instructor Brontez shaking it; sounds like if Henry’s Dress were on Stax.

Timothy Leary: now for cats


Olympic ice dancing had me in its graceful, creepy thrall last night — until this freaky Friskies psychedelic ash-id trip took all that gliding glitter to a whole nutha level. Yes, The Awl has live-blogged it.

Feeling Nice’s analog Avatar chic


Just in time for spring (and a Primal Scream revival) comes the promo for local design collective Nice‘s spring 2010 “The Gathering” line — complete with psychedelic military projections.

The smell of sweet leather


SFBG TV visits Suzanne George, local shoemaker