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Telegenic Band Check: Mr. Kind


Mr. Kind’s Brian Bergeron and Kyle Kelly-Yahner rocked out on a perfect summer afternoon in an apartment somewhere in the Mission. Catch their EP release at Hotel Utah on July 27.

Never grow up, Little Danny Brown


Infectious Detroit rapper Danny Brown released the video for his song “Grown Up” today, but the real star, clearly, is Little Danny Brown — the kid on the bike who loses his two front teeth (just like Big Danny did), and rides around his neighborhood causing a gleeful stir. Mess it up Lil’ Danny.

Telegenic Band Check: Elly Milder


For this edition of Telegenic Band Check, local jazz vocalist Elly Milder, accompanied by Rick Zuzow on guitar, sang her heart out in a tiny living room in Noe Valley.

Sweden’s best banger: Zhala is “Slippin’ Around”


So I walked into this Swedish party with cotton snowdrifts and round, mosquito-netted white beds with some pink lipstick… it’s a long story, but the scenario (the monthly Donna Scam party, it’s a something) was partly the brainchild of Zhala, Sweden’s reigning single-maker. The club promoter-singer’s single, you ask? Here it is — with visuals to make you squirm courtesy of director Makode Linde, baker of the “racist cake,” as his recent piece of performance art will now go down in Interpop history. Thanks Sweden! Check out more of my Scandinavian finds here

Chippy Nonstop gets “Kicked Out Da Club”


Oakland’s resident twerk master Chippy Nonstop premiered her flashy new video for “Kicked Out Da Club” today. Directed by none other than Kreayshawn, the strobe lights and lasers-enhanced clip features teeny Chippy whipping a freaky long green-twirled braid and stage diving with local pals. Get ready, it’s about to be stuck in your head.

Spacey new Seventeen Evergreen video


Check out the star-dusted new video for Seventeen Evergreen‘s “Burn the Fruit (Pegasus),” off the newly released full-length, Steady On, Scientist! Directed by Brian Ziffer, the space-inspired mini movie came from an interest in NASA’s Voyager and the Golden Record. You may recall Seventeen Evergreen as part of this year’s On the Rise elite class.

Blood Orange’s “Champagne Coast” enters odd interiors


We missed Blood Orange‘s appearance here a couple weeks ago (kicking selves). Now, he’s rocking the “Champagne Coast” with his latest strange journey — yeah, it continues and broadens the Weeknd’s brilliant ’80s flashback-meets-future R&B and features hot scantily, cleverly clad models dancing erotically. We do not mind this one bit.   

3 Kings of House come to Mighty


This Sat/28, three actually legendary house music DJs and producers — Li’l Louie Vega, David Morales, and Tony Humphries — will combine to melt the floor at Mighty. Here’s footage from them last month at Miami’s Winter Music Conference. If you’re a head like me, you start shouting in your cubicle right at 1:24.  

SF’s Loquat releases new music video


Longtime San Francisco indie pop act Loquat released a video for the song “Time Bending” off brand new album We Could Be Arsonists late last week. A bare bones look at a classic act, the video follows the band setting up in the studio and recording the song surrounded by smiling onlookers, welcoming them back into the fold.

The band plays its record release show next Friday, April 27 at the Independent.

Telegenic Band Check: Kacey Johansing


On a perfect spring day, local SF musician Kacey Johansing played a sweet tune in Douglass Park, with the help of Andrew Maguire and the birds in the trees.

The shape is turning me on! See the Apple-rejected “Geometric Porn”


In a world where iFart is an acceptable product, you would think that pretty little abstractions of bodily functions would pass muster. But multimedia visual artist Luciano Foglia encountered resistance in Appleland when he tried to make his “Geometric Porn” app available via iPhone — it was rejected on the grounds of being “excessively objectionable or crude content.” Check out this preview video of GP to see the shapes Apple deemed too hot for your phone screen. And rejoice: the controversy hasn’t stopped Foglia from making T-shirts. Or you from buying them, you sleekly dirty dog, you. 

Cosmic Japanese punk band Peelander-Z announces tour


The weird and wonderful comic Japanese punk band Peelander-Z announced a tour on Brooklyn Vegan this week; and yes, those dates include a visit to the Bay Area. The futuristic cosmic space Teletubbies (who live in NYC) will be in SF on May 6 at the DNA Lounge.

In the meantime, take a “four-minute vacation” as a commenter aptly described this newish video for the band’s song, “Star Bowling.” What just happened?

By the way, color-coded band’s eighth spazztastic full-length, Space Vacation, falls from the sky April 10.

Today in musical club kids: AB Soto’s ‘Honey Boo Boo’


Forgive the blowed-out sound quality (much better here) but you know there was going to be some interference in the airwaves once LA butch queen AB Soto teamed up with fierce SF club celebuterrors Manicure Versace and Terry T for a boom-boom tribute to everyone’s favorite Toddlers and Tiaras tragedy/metaphor of American exceptionalism, Alana. Go-go juice and gone!



Look got took? Hi Fashion has your anthem


The other day I saw this woman was walking down the street, spitting image of Rose from the Golden Girls. Excuse?! Lady, I know you didn’t get the glimmer for those high-waisted purple pants all by yourself. Leave it to LA electro pop duo Hi Fashion to debut a video (featuring luks crafted entirely by the group itself) today that speaks to this exact situation. So that I don’t have to. Because no one wants that mess. If you wanna get Hi live and in person, check out the group’s May 11 gig at Rickshaw Stop when it opens for JD Samson. 

Party Radar: Double Duchess will release you


Dazzling local Hi-NRG electro-hop sissy bounce-y duo Double Duchess graced our Club Action cover in February and has been slaying parties for the past year. Now we finally get an official EP release, Extravaganza, and of course what promises to be a totally insane event at Rickshaw Stop on Sat/31.     

This one will bring together most of the city’s most colorful nightlife characters — its presented by the infamous Peaches Christ, and includes music by Hard French and Stay Gold DJs (also Bunnystyle and davO) and appearances by Some Thing queens VivvyAnne ForeverMore and Glamamore. Double Duchess nuts!  





Dum Dum Girls release ‘Coming Down’ video, will return to SF in May


Dum Dum Girls have released a new video for “Coming Down” off last year’s stunning ’60s girl group-meets-Mazzy Star full-length, Only In Dreams (Sub Pop). In the music video, singer Dee Dee, clad in her signature black lace, sings directly to the camera as a crowd of people casually cuts pieces of cloth from her body, reminiscent of Yoko Ono’s “Cut Piece.” It’s directed by the group’s new bassist Malia James. Hint: Dum Dum Girls return to San Francisco May 22 at Slim’s.

Booty quake: Nicky Da B’s the next big thing from NOLA


“Diplo calls the bounce beat the perfect beat,” said NOLA bounce DJ Rusty Lazer in our recent mid-Mardi Gras Guardian interview at his Bywater home. If you’re wondering just what the world of bounce looks like, Swoon wheatpastes, drinks-to-go, street parties, and all, you can check Rusty protege Nicky Da B’s new video for “Express Yourself”, featuring Diplo himself and local dance queen Quack. Following in the wake of Big Freedia’s nationwide success, Nicky’s the next wave of bounce exuberance. (I mean, @2:00 he’s dancing upside-down, jungle gym-style.) If you thought Big Freedia had azz everywhere, you should probably watch this clip. 

Telegenic Band Check: Daniel Fries


SFBG videographer Ariel Soto-Suver met up with local flamenco guitar player Daniel Fries at Dolores Park for some serious plucking while dreaming of Spain.

Murk T.W.D.Y. slang? You mightcould with this video


One hundred words they’ve taken from us. Do you know which ones they are? Sure, it’s a few years old, but Rafael Casal breaks down the Bay Area’s propensity to coin viral slang (without getting its props from appropriators!) in this track, off 2009’s The Monster LP. The video’s got easy-to-learn text graphics so that even if you don’t know the lingo that reigned three years ago in the Bay, you can cop it real quick. Wait a second… [Via Broke Ass Stuart]

Are you on a ‘Motherf*ing Bike’?


Very much vehement trolling has been expended on the subject of the “privileged bike mob” in San Francisco. Let this insanely catchy tune and goofy-genius vid by Sons of Science fan the fixie flames!

Antwon’s new video for ‘Helicopter’ is rooted in Bay Area connections


San Jose rapper Antwon’s new video for “Helicopter” (directed by Brandon Tauszik) splits time between the Steve McQueen classic Bullitt (1968), filmed on the mean streets of San Francisco, and present-day Oakland; the modern shots are of Antwon and friends including Squadda B and Mondre MAN of Oakland’s Main Attrakionz hanging out around the city, along with some gratuitous Sriracha pouring.

Unstuff that fluffy at the Great Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight 2012


SAY YES — among all the other heart-shaped madness taking place tonight, the annual feathers-flyin’ Valentine’s Day tradition at Justin Herman Plaza is back. Beat the stuffing out of each other lovingly, please.  Video h/t: kevinsyoza