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Money is power

Green City: PG&E spent a record-breaking $10.3 million against Prop H -- more than $53 per vote

My call with Rose Aguilar

November 11, 2008
By Amanda Witherell Local KALW "Your Call" radio show host Rose Aguilar has written a fascinating account of her six-month road trip through four “red”...

Food + bikes = fun

November 7, 2008
by Amanda Witherell Are you in search of good food? Are you on your bike when you’re looking for it? Do you want to join...

Newsom laments Prop 8 win

November 5, 2008
by Amanda Witherell Mayor Gavin Newsom in the Prop 8 spotlight. Photo by Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal Mayor Gavin Newsom expressed equal awe over seeing...

Newsom’s green words for Obama

November 5, 2008
by Amanda Witherell photo courtesy of Green Guerrillas against Greenwash Environmental news web site, Grist, tapped a short list of people perceived as environmentalists and asked...

Power possibilities

Green City: The city's energy policy is still uncertain

Obama wins, but no SF results yet

November 4, 2008
by Amanda Witherell Soon to be Assemblymember Tom Ammiano greeted by supporters at Campos for Supervisor headquarters Up and down Valencia Street you could hear cheers...

Guerrilla campaigning in District 1

October 30, 2008
by Amanda Witherell Our SFBG email inbox contained these photos this morning, sent by "Subcomandante Marcos" who said they were a "guerrilla street response to...

Yes on Prop H rally at PG&E’s house

October 29, 2008
by Amanda Witherell Clean Energy Act supporters gathered in front of Pacific Gas & Electric corporate headquarters on Wed., Aug. 29, to mock the $10...

Downtown’s planner

Former planning commissioner Sue Lee rakes in big bucks from developers with projects she voted to approve

Lunchtime fun tomorrow

October 28, 2008
by Amanda Witherell For all y’all who are roaming around the financial district tomorrow or need some diversion from the grind, swing by 77 Beale...

Mayor’s power plant plan flawed

October 26, 2008
by Amanda Witherell Or, as Sup. Aaron Peskin put it one point during the dramatic Wed. Oct. 22 Land Use and Economic Development committee hearing,...

Artist’s mural used by Clean Energy foes

October 24, 2008
by Amanda Witherell Actually, this artist disagrees. Once art is out in the public domain, it's fair game for all kinds of abuse, but we got...

Anniversary Issue: People’s power

A sustainable energy system is well within San Francisco's reach

Tell Obama and McCain to go to Poland

October 10, 2008
by Amanda Witherell image courtesy of 350.org Send the prospective presidents a letter that says “get thee to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change...

Nevius: check your facts

by Amanda Witherell Last week SF Chronicle columnist C.W. Nevius waded back into one of his pet issues, homelessness, in a piece on the SF...

Get yer bike on: Gas-Free Fridays start tomorrow

October 2, 2008
By Amanda Witherell I've become a happier person since I sold my Jetta and started traveling almost exclusively by bicycle. Every time I've driven a...

Fundraiser tonight for local foods program

by Amanda Witherell For anyone looking to squeeze in a little extra fun before taking in the Biden-Palin throwdown, Bay Area Community Services is hosting...

Schwarzenegger snubs Harvey Milk

by Amanda Witherell Today Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would have designated May 22 as Harvey Milk day. The legislation, authored...

Project Censored

The top 10 stories the US news media missed in the past year

Bill McKibben and Cake step it up for Prop H

September 23, 2008
by Amanda Witherell Bill McKibben has sent us a message supporting Prop H. Watch for yourself, or here's the text: "San Francisco voters: you have...

What are safe streets?

Mayoral task force looks for ways to protect people in San Francisco — from the homeless

PG&E desperate, so desperate to keep Marin customers

September 12, 2008
by Amanda Witherell PG&E is so desperate to stave off any threat of public power they'll proffer a 100 percent renewable energy pilot program to...

Cleaner and cheaper

The Clean Energy Act could mean lower carbon emissions — and lower electric bills