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Kiwis score points as Oracle regroups

After a week of one-boat "races," an argument over rules, and an angry sponsor making waves in international media, it would be easy to...

Kiwis win first real America’s Cup race as Oracle adapts to rejected rule change

After a week of one-boat “races,” an argument over rules, and an angry sponsor making waves in international media, it would be easy to...

Is Larry Ellison cheating?

If you’re wondering why the hell there was only one boat was out there “racing” in the first match of the America’s Cup on...

New Zealand’s Cup

America's Cup, seen by many here as a billionaire's boat race, looks very different Down Under, with its culture of sailing and maritime innovation

Circus battles “animal special interest groups”

February 4, 2009
By Steven T. Jones I’m still waiting for the dispatch from our correspondent at opening day of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus...

Profiles of change

Inauguration Issue: President Obama's call for citizen action is already resonating

Obama kite

January 20, 2009
By Amanda Witherell It was a great day to be out and about in San Francisco. This morning, before I headed to Civic Center to...

This land was your land

The American West at Risk confronts mine-all-mine mentality

LIT: Authors and SFBG talk saving the earth

January 7, 2009
by Amanda Witherell Yes, even careless placement of renewable energy is hurting the land -- addressed in chapter five. Photo courtesy of losingthewest.com This week we...

Losing the West

Green City: "Americans have to start caring about the survival of small communities, their local towns, and their local resources"

Waning wildlife

Green City: Bay Area wildlife is already being negatively affected by a warmer world

The Chron’s skewed notions of water and rights

December 26, 2008
by Amanda Witherell “Is there a right to water?” The San Francisco Chronicle’s editors asked today. The editorial outlined how water isn’t currently considered a...


There's almost unanimous approval throughout the city that beefing up transmission lines would be better than building a power plant

Budget funeral

San Francisco's social safety net takes brunt of mid-year cutbacks

Tap dreams

Who controls what we drink? Corporate water comes to (and from) San Francisco

Great day for biking

December 1, 2008
by Amanda Witherell More please. Image courtesy of San Francisco Bicycle Coalition In spite of the dreary un-bicycle friendly weather today, things are looking up for...

Chevron not guilty

December 1, 2008
by Amanda Witherell The jury didn't think so. Image courtesy of Justice in Nigeria Now A federal court jury in San Francisco has found Chevron not...

Now what with this power plant, Mayor?

November 26, 2008
By Amanda Witherell The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously against Mayor Gavin Newsom’s proposal to retrofit Mirant Potrero power plant at their Nov. 25 meeting. Everyone’s...

Eastern Neighborhoods moving forward

November 26, 2008
by Amanda Witherell The Board of Supervisors, at their Nov. 25 meeting, moved the Eastern Neighborhoods plan a little farther along in the legislative process....

New member of the SFPUC?

November 26, 2008
by Amanda Witherell From left, Juliet Ellis with Manuel Pastor from UC Santa Cruz and Lori Reese-Brown with the city of Richmond The San Francisco Public...

After the bubble

Eastern Neighborhoods Plan limps toward final approval as activists question its assumptions on housing and fear the mayor's veto pen

CA nuke plant on two fault lines

November 21, 2008
by Amanda Witherell photo by Jim Zim zimfamilycockers.com/DiabloCanyon.html Ahh, a Friday afternoon toast to science. PG&E announced today that its Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power plant is actually...

Taxi merger

With big changes in store for taxicab regulation, drivers fear ulterior motives by city officials and industry executives

The American imagination

Rose Aguilar looks for change on Red Highways