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High-speed Rail

Staying on track

Top political leaders defend high-speed rail from right-wing attacks

Stuck in reverse

Some days, you wake up, check the news, and wonder just what the hell happened to this country. And I'm not talking about that...

That high-priced high-speed rail

Even Democrats in the state Legislature are starting to get nervous about continuing the high-speed rail program. After all, the price has gone up...

The Performant: Hamburger helpers

There’s certainly no shortage of live comedy in the Bay Area, but you have to hand it to Club Chuckles for keeping it weird....

Editor’s Notes

"It's crowded, it stinks like the piss of 5,000 doomed cows, and it goes on forever." (No, not the Republican primary, but close.)

What if you were rich?

There seem to be more and more millionaires coming out of the nicely paneled woodwork to tell us that they should pay higher taxes. ...

How to create jobs

I listened to the Obama speech, and at least he showed some energy (although this bipartisan shit clearly doesn't work and I don't know...

Editor’s notes

If SoCal wants to secede, who is stopping it?

Keep David Crane away from your government

Sen. Leland Yee continues to strongly push his case against confirming San Francisco venture capitalist David Crane to the UC Board of Regents, finding...

Beware the billionaires behind pension reform

SEIU Local 1021 leader Gabriel Haaland just pointed me to a Chronicle op-ed in which David Crane asks if public employees should have collective...

Could California go bankrupt?

Not today, not under current federal law. But Calitics alerts me to a really disturbing story that I didn't know about: Congressional Republicans are...

Editor’s notes

Why doesn't wealth inequality get discussed by polite economists?

Editor’s notes

Santa Claus or schools? California voters have to choose one

Train tangle

High-speed rail funds earmarked for Central Valley

Whitman criticized for opposing high-speed rail

By Brittany Baguio Although Republican gubernatorial Meg Whitman claims job creation is one of her top priorities, she recently stated that she opposes the...

Fiona Ma’s cash machine

Why does Assembly member Fiona Ma take on odd causes like ending rent control for trailer parks? Maybe it's because almost 90 percent of the...

The dubious high-speed rail report

The Chron’s blast at the state’s high-speed rail system is a big headline, but the report it’s based on is pretty dubious. As the...

ENDORSEMENTS: San Francisco ballot measures

 PROPOSITION A SCHOOL FACILITIES SPECIAL TAX YES This measure would extend a 1990 parcel tax that expires in 2010 by another 20 years, keeping...

The people vs. corporate power

June ballot showcases the lopsided struggle against big money interests

Transbay Terminal’s two-station solution

By Steven T. Jones As the deadline approaches for the Transbay Joint Powers Authority to figure out how its massive new Transbay Terminal will accommodate...

Station leaves the train

Green City: Is the Transbay Terminal rebuild moving away from its high-speed rail showcase?

Transbay Terminal still lacks rail solution

By Steven T. Jones It’s still an open question whether the trains will ever arrive at the new Transbay Terminal, an impasse that the Transbay...

Spin vs. substance

Sunshine complaints and sparse official calendars belie Mayor Newsom's claims of transparency

Stimuutf8g transit

Green City: Overcoming obstacles to establish effective alternatives