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Don’t kill the peakers — yet

A GUARDIAN EDITORIAL The supervisors are meeting a day late this week, thanks to the San Francisco Examiner’s screw-up, which means that a key vote...

Support SF’s Clean Energy Act

Public power cities all over California have lower rates and better service

Blood in, blood out

Can incest and vengeance right an upside-down world?

SFIFF: Fierce perm

Robert Towne still knows how to give an award-winning Shampoo

Green dreams

As we celebrate Earth Day in this era of all things green, it's worth contemplating whether our enviro-guilt has gotten the better of our...

Mexico’s comeback kid

Leftist firebrand rallies Mexicans against big oil

Newsom to small business: Drop dead!

By Bruce B. Brugmann And so Mayor Newsom, who wants to run for governor when he still hasn't learned to manage the city as...

Laid off reporters won’t find Cali’s Spitzer

Ghost Word has a smart take on what newspaper layoffs mean for Bay Area readers: Thursday, March 13, 2008 Good Old-Fashioned Reporting led to the Eliot...

Freedom of Information: The leaks go on

A federal court judge says prior Wikileaks ruling was unconstitutional

Editor’s Notes

The United States heads into a deep recession, but for a new generation of multibillionaires, it's another gilded age

SFIAAFF: Manila: the drama

Brillante Mendoza looks at the costs of human lives

Tiger Beat bard

Love is eternally young and doomed – and sometimes naked — in Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet

Shelter shuffle

Inside San Francisco's confounding system of housing the homeless

Brad Will and the politics of oil

Fallout from murdered journalist reveals move to privatize PEMEX

Noir or not?

Noir City's sixth incarnation revives the night life

Newsom’s fixers

If the mayor really needs new $150,000-per-year aides, he should take that money out of the General Fund and tell the public where it's coming from.


Obama for president. No on 94-97. Yes on A. Our complete endorsements for the Feb. 5 election

The great escape

City College chancellor Phil Day is leaving his successor with a mountain of unfinished business

PG&E contracts: an $80 million legacy

A story of corruption, waste, and raw political power that makes many of today's scandals look like cornflakes

Editor’s Notes

Billboards and Bill Gates

SF’s skatepark crisis

By Justin Juul After attending SF360 Film+Club’s recent screening of Freedom of Space -- a film about the harsh realities of enjoying an illegal sport--...

Endorsements: Local offices

Mecke, Sumchai, and Chicken John for mayor. Plus: Other endorsements

Campaign sewer overflows

Rules limiting political money are swept away

Needed: a campaign against privatization

It's time to declare war