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41st Anniversary Special: The perils of privatization

Ronald Reagan started dismantling government 25 years ago, but his privatization legacy is alive and growing -- even in San Francisco

41st Anniversary Special: The privatization of San Francisco

The city should be a loud, visible, proud, and shining example of a different kind of America

Endorsements: Local ballot measures

YES on Props A and E, NO on Prop H and more ...


The top 10 big stories the US news media missed in the past year

Chronicle hits Burning Man…badly

By Steven T. Jones The San Francisco Chronicle leads the Sunday paper with a hit piece on Burning Man, wrapping several disparate points under the...

Charity or political corruption?

By Steven T. Jones PG&E just put out a press release patting themselves on the back for placing sixth on the San Francisco Business Times'...

Problems with Peskin’s Muni plan

OPINION Last week the Board of Supervisors received a proposed charter amendment that takes a misguided stab at the much-needed reform of the Municipal...

Reform the recall

Remove the temptation for the mayor's allies to use the recall as a way of undoing popular elections

Arrrooo! ‘Oceans Thirteen’ vs. cougars

OK, someone has to voice it: was I the only one who detected a whiff of misogyny in the latest three-quel to shamble lazily...

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Kamala Harris, please be a hard ass

MCMAF: Collective hip noises

With Buy Hidden Persuaders, I Am Spoonbender continue to remove our veils

Up against the police secrecy lobby

EDITORIAL On April 17 the full weight of the state's secrecy lobby and police unions descended on Sacramento to prevent the public from having...

CALIFORNIA’S COLLEGIATE FUNNY MONEY CONTINUES: How City College simply flipped your cash bills for a ballot-measure jackpot

By G.W. Schulz It must suck to be a celebrity reporter for the Chronicle and have your stories buried on page B9. The Chron’s BALCO...

FIREWORKS, TEENAGE GIRLS AND AN SFPD PATROL CAR: Former cop caught in alleged corruption snafu

By G.W. Schulz Chronicle gossip sluts Matier & Ross caught up with an interesting scoop today involving a guy who can’t seem to stay out...

Editor’s Notes

It's infuriating to see City College run by political hacks

The Inter American Press Association calls for the immediate release of Josh Wolf from prison

By Bruce B. Brugmann Cartagena, Colombia March l9--The Inter American Press Association has condemned the U.S. government for jailing Josh Wolf and called for his...

A scary school poll

By Tim Redmond Kim Knox at leftinsf has posted the minutes of the Community Advisory Committee looking for a new SF school superintendent. Mostly pretty...

“Rust” never sleeps

The Magic's annual Hot House fest yields a discovery

James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners

The 2007 James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners: this year's First Amendment heroes

James Madison Freedom of Information Award Winners

SF journalism association honors this year's First Amendment heroes

Law enforcement’s real battles

Precious resources should be focused on addressing violence, gun crime, and major white-collar crime

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Global warming, global freezing


Pelosi is not one of us