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In Mexico, the Dinosaurs return

By John Ross MEXICO CITY (July 16th) -- Nine years ago, on a sultry July morning, Mexicans woke up and discovered to their great amazement...

No ethics in Ethics Commission

By Steven T. Jones The San Francisco Ethics Commission has long been accused of corruption, selective enforcement, and gross incompetence – charges supported by knowledgeable...

The massage parlor mistake

Fearing arrest and/or deportation will mean fewer women will report rape or other violence and exploitation when they occur

Dystopian enterprise

Richard North Patterson on Eclipse and the legacy of Ken Saro-Wiwa

What’s in the Republicans’ tea?

By Steven T. Jones As overhyped and ridiculous as tomorrow’s Republican Tea Party events are, I find them a fascinating manifestation of the perplexing posture...

Reject the Fisher Museum

We cannot bear the thought of the series of traffic signals inside the park, near the Spanish El Presidio and the 160- year-old U.S. Army Post

Does “bureaucracy” equal “corruption?”

Players: Michael "Kennedy" Cassidy, Gus Murad and Jean-Paul Samaha (the three men on the right) party together at Murad's wedding in Morocco. Photo by...

Union showdown

UHW threatened with takeover by SEIU

The Year in Film 2008

Our critics reflect on the cinema that was (and possibly will be).

Will Durst: Giving governors a bad name

By Will Durst (Durst is a comedian who writes a little. He is the author of "The All-American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing, the Common...

Ammiano: Bailing out the governor

Today's Ammianoliner: Governor of Illinois gives a whole new meaning to bailout. (From the home telephone answering machine of Assemblyman Tom Ammiano on the day after...

Dick in a box

An ex-prez and a journalist make TV history in Frost/Nixon

Immortal Technique

The Peruvian-born, Harlem-raised rapper looks to the roots of hip-hop

The people’s election

On (almost) every level, the grassroots beat the establishment and the progressives beat the big money

The trouble with hairy

The Werewolf of Washington: crude, sloppy, aesthetically ugly, deliberately ridiculous, and hilarious

The stealth candidate

Ahsha Safai tries to be all things to District 11 voters -- but he refuses to explain his many contradictions and false statements

Endorsements 2008: San Francisco races

Board of Supervisors, Board of Education, Community College Board, and BART Board of Directors

The other October 2

By Stephen Torres For most, this year’s Oct. 2 will be remembered as the day of the highly-anticipated debate between Veep candidates (if it's remembered...

Back to Oakland?

In what could be his first move toward the mayor's seat, Don Perata's political machine is working overtime to elect one of its own to Oakland's City Council

Julie Lee headed to prison

By Steven T. Jones Julie Lee, the one-time San Francisco housing commissioner and political power broker, was sentenced to a year in federal prison today...

A house divided

SEIU's internal battles could divert critical resources from the fall election

One elephant case bumps another

By Steven T. Jones The big Ringling Bros. elephant abuse trial that I wrote about in the current issue of the Guardian has been delayed...

The best story in Guardian history

Joe Neilands and Harold Ickes describe how PG&E has Hetch Hetchyed San Francisco for decades By Bruce B. Brugmann Le me add my own...

Wilder blooms

A quick guide to the new queer Argentine cinema