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Gore, no?

High Life surfs waves of bloody "gorno"

Green and red

A bio goes searching for Joschka Fischer — and finds leftist possibilities

Paper weight

The specific matter of Hollywood glamour shots and postcard records

Notes of a dirty old man.

Or: a portion from a wine-stained notebook. A story

Critical sass

Daniel Mendelsohn's How Beautiful It Is And How Easily It Can Be Broken could use a little bitchiness

Speed Reading

The Three Trillion Dollar War, The Comic Book Holocaust, and The Klassic Komix Klub

Micheline, man

The return of a poet with the pulse of a 10-ton engine

Speed Reading

Christopher Ciccione's life with Madonna, Ulrike Meinhof's radical journalism

Self-help books

Publishing yourself through the slush pile of Joe Shmuck and friends

Speed Reading

Baldwin's Harlem: A Biography Of James Baldwin

Beyong the nerd herd

Ta-Nehisi Coates charts a Beautiful Struggle

Speed Reading

Fashion: A Philosophy tumbles on the runway

Flight or write

Sense and sensitivity in Horacio Castellanos Moya's Senselessness

Glamazonia in “Portal Potty”

Superhero tranny gets flushed back into the '70s!

Speed Reading

The Queer Issue: My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy


The Queer Issue: Romping through a gay pornocopia

Tell it like it is

Samuel R. Delany, science fiction writer and tea-room queer

Speed Reading

Putting the XO in Botox: Go Fug Yourself Presents the Fug Awards and Beautiful Children

No exit

Two new books rummage through the rubble of No Wave New York


Rico McTaco, boy's club, and more

Tales of the shitty

Erick Lyle views SF through its Lower Frequencies

Speed Reading

Comics and openers: The Ten Cent Plague and Uncredited

Time travel ticket

Excerpts from a book that is Mostly True


Men's rooster cuts in Iran! What's on the shelf this month