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Speed Reading

Waiter Rant: thanks for the tip, cynical

Better the devil you know

A look at The Complete Kylie

Wow wow wow wow

Unapologetic collaborator Kevin Killian on Pepsi, Joe Jonas' eyebrows, and Action Kylie

‘Barf Manifesto’

So great you'll wanna puke

In the American tree

Camp out with Bernadette Mayer's Poetry State Forest

Speed reading

Russian Criminal Tattoo Encylopaedia Volume III, The Haunted Screen, and Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Armed love

Up Against the Wall looks back

Read states

Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey's State by State: A Panoramic Portrait of America

The American imagination

Rose Aguilar looks for change on Red Highways

Bill Berkson

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Fifty years of slow-dawning epiphany

V. Vale and RE/Search Publications

GOLDIES 2008 Lifetime Achievement winner: The monkish punk elder of counterculture in the Bay

Lawrence Ferlinghetti and City Lights Books

GOLDIES 2008 Lifetime Achievement winner: Anything but a vanity press


Mr. Peanut is back! A trip through the latest racks

Speed Reading

Wolfgang Voigt -- Gas and The Book of Lists: Horror

Surrealism’s island

Breton's Martinique still works like a charm

Speed Reading

Chuck Klosterman's Night Owl wakes up sleepyville

Garrison killer

ISBN Real: Death in a Prairie House revisits the Taliesin murders


Quiet, Please scarcely scratches the surface of the library experience

Manifestos and sodas

Lit Crawl 2008: Joshua Clover wrangles popular poetry and the poetry of pop

Bend Sinister

Lit Crawl 2008: Bucky Sinister hits bedrock and breaks the self-help mold with Get Up


Puking on Palin in a race through the check-this-out aisle

Preacherless choir

Wave Books compilation State of the Union: 50 Political Poems offers singing, not sermons

Dot Dash

Dash Shaw's serial Web comic BodyWorld graces the third dimension

Speed Reading

Faith Evans' Keep the Faith