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January 18, 2006
'A Searing Lesson Every Girl Should Know' ART Love is the object of Tami Demaree's devotion, the axis at which everything spins,...

Music Picks

January 18, 2006
Future jazz farmers Jazzanova have finally gotten around to issuing volume two of their remixes, appropriately titled The Remixes 2002-2005 (Sonar Kollektiv). With re-rubs...


For proof – as if any is needed – that television is overwhelmingly a right-wing medium, one need only contemplate the manner in which...

Behind and beyond bars

Perhaps the best book written about a wrongly convicted man is Jack Olsen's Last Man Standing, a chronicle of the 27 years Geronimo Ji-Jaga...

Princess diaries

Most teen starlets are probably satisfied to look their hottest on press junkets and don the cutest duds they can find at Fred Segal....

Native son

Terrence Malick digs deep into America's past with The New World

Class act

SF band Film School reaches for the next level

{Empty title}

December 11, 2005
DO NEW MEDIA move more quickly? The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's media arts curator, Benjamin Weil, will officially resign Sept. 3. Starting...

‘Winner’ takes all

December 9, 2005
IF YOU CONSIDER  it amazing that New York Times best-selling author Augusten Burroughs was able to maintain a lucrative job in advertising while consuming...

Warriors, stay in and playiyay!

November 15, 2005
AN ENTIRE GENERATION was introduced to the 1979 cult classic film The Warriors in 1993 when Ol' Dirty Bastard warbled "Warriors, come out and...


October 4, 2005
Looking-glass eyes

Little girls lost

Two new films ask, have you checked the children?

Film: Critic’s Choice: ‘San Francisco’s Broken Promise’

Thurs/29, Delancey Street Screening Room WHEN A GROUP  of Modesto Junior College students began looking into what Bay Guardian editor and publisher...

Army of glum

September 29, 2005
Battlefield 2 (Electronic Arts)

Cruisin’ for a bruisin’

September 29, 2005
EVER SINCE THAT fateful day on the family farm when our stud calf Beauregard threw me from his back and rammed me several...