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Back in sight

No longer missing psychedelic architect Roky Erickson

Grind fidelity

Toward a new theory of grindcore, and even metal

Stone age drop out

Sleep is back, creating vast and mysterious sonic worlds-without-end

Beach fossils

The sad, creepy, weird and beautiful music of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Orgone and back again

Put on your space helmet, brace yourself, and bear witness to Hawkwind Triad

Doom and decay

The slow and stoned sound of Saint Vitus — born too late, or too early?

Lovecraft, baby!

Horror in music is still as easy as H.P.


It's not just a clever name

Bad Brains

Some of rock's most volatile live performers


A group known for its unwavering devotion to metal at its most primal essence

History today

Black Cobra provide irrefutable evidence of underground metal circa-2009

The ring

BAY WRESTLING: Pro wrestling comes alive again in one of its oldest, most devoted homes — the Bay Area

We walk with a zombie

Nights and days of the dead economy and culture -- in art, movies, books, and song

Forever our kings

Pentagram forges a five-star caliber five-pointed star of sound

Hightower, One in the Chamber, Futur Skullz

A revelation to anyone whose nights out have been lacking raw power


Architects of the modern black metal sound