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Emotions in motion

Climb aboard Michel Gondry's high-school drama 'The We and the I'

Little runaways

Wes Anderson's new film may be charming, but it's domesticated to a fault

Tribute: A force of nature and Force of Habit

July 18, 2011
When my big brother, David Devereaux, owner of Mission haunt Force of Habit Records, passed away suddenly at the untimely age of 41 this...

In spite of himself

Steve Coogan plays a (hilarious) jerk named Steve Coogan in The Trip

SFIFF bonus blurb: British comedy “The Trip”

Eclectic British director Michael Winterbottom (2002's 24 Hour Party People) rebounds from sexually humiliating Jessica Alba in last year’s flop The Killer Inside Me...

Babes in bondage

YEAR IN FILM: Or, 2010's perfection-pursuing fatal femmes

Franco’s reign

An interview with the Howl star

Sonny dearest

The Duplass Brothers meld movie stars and mumblecore in Cyrus

In the cut

An A-list cast and a B-movie plot converge in Splice

The Dobler Effect

YEAR IN FILM: Stash the ice princesses and bring on the romantic goofballs

21st Century ‘Fox’

Wes Anderson stages a comeback via Roald Dahl

Running with the night

Shedding light on the "Best of Columbia Noir" retrospective

Mad women

The outfits really rock. And so do the fabulously messed-up women who wear them

Trip at the ‘Brain’

Gorings, stabbings, slicings, slittings, flayings, and disembowelings. Plus: a head in a microwave


Three vignettes demonstrate what gets lost and found in translation

The Muppets take San Francisco

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights

Careers and Ed: Look Ma, no grants

How one independent filmmaker scored alternative arts funding


It's being released to coincide with World AIDS Day, but Thom Fitzgerald's 3 Needles isn't so much about AIDS as it is blood —...

Pixies stick

The Pixies new band doc loudQUIETloud: demigods in a low-key mode

Trash hits Toronto: part two

FEST REPORT Because I'm psychotic, I jammed 22 movies into six and a half days at the Toronto International Film Festival — and was...

Comedy with overbite

The indefatigable Jerri Blank takes it to the Bridge in Strangers with Candy