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> kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER You can keep your majestic soundscapes, your rewrites of “Rocky Raccoon,

Taking spills

Built to Spill's Doug Martsch bounces back

Blinded by Scientists?

› kimberly@sfbg.comSONIC REDUCER It may be yet another sign of a time-space-buckling rock apocalypse. Or a chilling harbinger of imminent, sonic-subtlety-be-damned deafness. Or simply...

Howlin’ at the sun

› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER Something wicked this way came, right in the middle of last week's spate of strangely beautiful, beastly hot days,...

Prep’s cool

Ral Partha Vogelbacher proudly fly a pink and green freak flag

Cave in

› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER Pop styles of the oh-so-rich and silly! Britney Spears nearly drops her infant son, baby in one...

Free kitten?

› Kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER Mother's Day: the primo time to think about reasons why mom rules. So why did I spend it listening...

Moore than words

The Moore Brothers tap a deadly goth angst

Brass in pocket

Extra Action Marching Band puts the chaos and cool in your halftime music collective


› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER I used to think of myself as the ultimate freak magnet, fending off moist-haired gents with a fetish for...

Worst album of the week

› kimberly@sfbg.com "A strange new sound that makes boys explore." — Will and Grace's Eric McCormack singing Elton John and Bernie...

ABCs and Rubies

SONIC REDUCER A passionate music fan friend recently laid some curious medicine on me as we were hunkered down at Doc's Clock, watching our...

Rankin’ Reykjavik

› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER I love the fact that whenever you leave this country, you immediately come to the discomfiting realization that ... you're...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, all right already

SONIC REDUCER In the best of all music fans' worlds, an album will grow on you — like lichen, excessive body hair, or a...

So Sic

Rock giveth and rock taketh away. Hearing loss — give or take a pound of flesh, hunk of hair, chunk of gray matter, or...

It takes 3 – or 50

Beastie Boys share an Awesome collabo with fans

Jana Hunter

NEOFOLK As raw as road rash and as disarming as a child, Arlington, Texas, songwriter Jana Hunter is a jewel in the...

Stone cold cooking

 Sonic Reducer Wonderful, unforeseen taste combinations are everywhere you look — and they go beyond the mundane peanut butter and chocolate, Tom and Katie,...

Princess diaries

Most teen starlets are probably satisfied to look their hottest on press junkets and don the cutest duds they can find at Fred Segal....

Class act

SF band Film School reaches for the next level

True grits

January 17, 2006
The Gossip's Beth Ditto is cooking with meat - and mixing riot grrrl gospel with punk rock panache