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Love rebuff

Indie = no pickups?

Tiki wiki

Inverse exotica, bluegrass oasis

Grizzly spawn

A chat with Werner Herzog

The video guy

SECA recipient makes pop moving pictures and remixes history-making moments

Posi posse

Matt and Kim: not cute

High tide

Wooden Shjips ride waves of blogoscopic acclaim with lo-fi psychedelia

Dark days indeed

Melville's Army of Shadows

P&J jam

The Village Voice's famous Pazz and Jop poll -- minus Christgau

Monster dearest

The screen moms of 2006 look for redemption through desperate living, methadone, and visitation rights

Girl talk

Did the ladies take control in 2006?

Junk bonds

Sweet — doesn't the sight of Gwen Stefani shaking her logo in your face on that singing-nun mess of a video for "Wind It...


› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER By now the Tofurky has been gummed into submission. The turducken has been turned inside out, its monstrous mutant flesh masticated...

Les, lady, les

› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER Viva les wild children, woodsmen, and Francophones and the ’philes that love them — wherever they may quaff cheap Beaujolais, don...

Eau joy

The aural-mineral joys of Japan

Goldies Music winner Deerhoof

It's hard to picture a band as wild, mild, and Apple O'–pie sweet as Deerhoof causing a ruckus — yet they really have. Just...

Goldies Visual Art winner Chris Duncan

Artist Chris Duncan came to Northern California for the Tahoe powder — and to get away from his routine in Delaware and his native...

Cheap greats

› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER Starved for ideas? Dirt cheap, down to your last slice of cheese pizza and Harley beer, and still deeply smitten with...

Solomon’s, mine

Goodbye, bittersweet Tower.

Joy sticks

Bonnie "Prince" Billy and a big fat bowl of Froot Loops

Sweet dreams

Tom Carter, Charalambides, and Playmobil tableaux conjure another world