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San Francisco icon Xara Thustra looks back at 15 years of underground art

Freedom fighter: SF underground art icon Xara Thustra

December 5, 2012
Since the late 1990s, Xara Thustra's art has been inseparable from resistance and community in San Francisco, providing many of the signature visual images...

‘Fire’ insight: talking with David Wojnarowicz biographer Cynthia Carr

October 2, 2012
The following interview took place with Cynthia Carr, author of Fire in the Belly: The Life and Times of David Wojnarowicz (Bloomsbury USA, 624...

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Art Basel, part two: Faux-favelas and real degradation

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Real change, or changing the subject — the search for truth within Roberto Bolaño's epic 2666

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DocFest flick I'm Like This Every Day faces "shadow demons"

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SF's pasts and futures -- and Chris Carlsson's Nowtopia