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SFBG TV: Dinner with Cassava

November 23, 2012
"This place just sort of fell into our lap" says Yuka Ioroi, who opened the Richmond neighborhood's Cassava Cafe and Restaurant earlier this year...

SFBG TV: Arse Elektronika brings new meaning to “grab my joystick”

October 29, 2012
It was Saturday before Folsom Street Fair 2012, and I found myself standing in Kink.com's recently-opened Armory Club, sipping on a well-crafted cocktail and...

SFBG TV: Pageant tidings from planet Faux Queen

September 24, 2012
In this city, you can't walk, saunter, or sashay 50 feet without running into a drag queen. We are a queen-heavy city, and we...

SFBG TV: Baklava bonding at the Armenian Food Festival

September 20, 2012
No lines? Space to move and breathe? This can't be a San Francisco street festival, can it?But it was. I made a dramatic entrance...