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The underground

The '80s synth sounds of BART: Bay Area Retrograde are fun and of the moment

Haushcka that’s good for the ear, not skin

March 25, 2010
Classical music fans might see the instrumental piano pieces by Germany's Hauschka and the American Dustin O'Halloran -- both performing Thurs/25 at Swedish American...

The incredibly filthy truth

Blood, chocolate, and moral decadence in the weirdness of Xiu Xiu

Sound effects

Mincemeat or Tenspeed put the pedal to the mettle

Veronica De Jesus

GOLDIES 2009: Training our attention on the physicality of drawing, and not erasing a line in 12 years

Cass’ corridors

McCombs navigates lovely mazes — or Catacombs — of meaning, until they implode

This land is ‘Methland’

THE DRUG ISSUE: A new book tracks a drug through America's cracks and faultlines

Do the ‘bot

Disco popsters the Juan MacLean are only human -- more or less

At the desert shore

Throbbing Gristle returns to San Francisco to destroy the universe

First Person Magazine benefit party featuring Gudrun Gut

An homage to the hypnotic state that arrives when you're sucked into your favorite records

About time

Four Tet jumps genres, but its meaningful abstractions sticks like glue

Recreational transmissions

Ariel Pink traces pop's damaged past into the terror of firsts

Two’s the charm

Thank You rides far-out waves of ambiguity

Gimme Gimme

Garage Rock '09: We're putty for the slutty rock 'n' roll of Hunx and his Punx

Calvin Johnson

The obverse of Henry Rollins is au courant

Inca Ore

It's not a hard world to get sucked into

Vive l’amour

Stephanie Young remakes icons and images in Picture Palace

Funky Meters

Something in the ensemble's past behavior indicates they all might be on the same page


Abbreviated Afrobeat-soul-funk jams

Moving forward

The Year in Music 2008: Smaller meant better in 2008, in a myriad little ways

Demon Days without end

Carl Craig's backlash-free club night roams to SF

Wow wow wow wow

Unapologetic collaborator Kevin Killian on Pepsi, Joe Jonas' eyebrows, and Action Kylie


Danceable, bass-heavy, hip-hop adjacent beats