Haushcka that’s good for the ear, not skin

Pub date March 25, 2010

Classical music fans might see the instrumental piano pieces by Germany’s Hauschka and the American Dustin O’Halloran — both performing Thurs/25 at Swedish American Hall — as simplistic. Most of the notes they play are consonant, even if partly obscured by the objects wedged between the strings and hammers of Hauschka’s prepared piano. Instead of seeing this music in terms of two entrenched classical music camps — the John Cage-following avant-gardists on one side and the populists on the other — it’s more telling to see them as nonpartisans, aware of the past but not bound by it. Assisted by guns-for-hire Magik*Magik String Quintet, these two artists create magically wistful, emotionally resonant classical-lite that won’t be lost on those who didn’t grow up listening to Brahms.

With Magik*Magik String Quartet
Thurs/25, 7:30pm, $16
Swedish American Hall
2170 Market, SF
(415) 861-5016