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Meaner streets

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned -- who cares about psychological realism?


If the Third Reich had declared war on central casting, the Bielskis would have been screwed

Change rejection

AC/DC returns with more of the same: just the way we like it

Let it reign

Fallout 3 post-apocalyptic retro-futurism is a masterwork of world creation (and destruction)

Doomed balloon

Quantum of Solace doesn't deliver on hype

Blunt “Force”

Gamer: "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" offers fascinating but flawed revelations


The newer wave of British heavy metal

Colorful, brutish, and short

Sid Meier's Civilization: Revolution


Digging up veteran thrash combo Hirax for the free outdoor metal fest, Tidal Wave

Ninja binge

Ninja Gaiden II: Gory, glorious, and fiendishly difficult

Driving reign

Is Grand Theft Auto IV video Jesus?

Big and getting Gigantour

Fanning In Flames, drinking in Children of Bodom in anticipation of the metal throwdown

Metal Mania: See you in the darkness

Metal for ravenous headbangers: Floating Goat, Black Cobra, and more

Metal Mania: The return of the kings

Bay Area thrash is on the comeback as Exodus and Testament rouse new fans with new recordings

Silver Griffin

Rockit Room, Sept. 22