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Five stars for the doom metal miracles of Pentagram

March 23, 2010
Given Pentagram singer Bobby Liebling's gargantuan drug intake over the last forty years, the fact that the diminutive, goggle-eyed rocker continues to croon cult...

Bay Area black metal: Ludicra’s gripping new “Tenant”

March 16, 2010
It's hard to believe, but black metal is around 20 years old. During its second decade, the music has been gradually subsumed into the...

Riff evangelists

Shrinebuilder create a New Testament for the electric church

High on Fire’s latest is divine

February 26, 2010
Wielding his custom-made nine-string axe, churning out tone so thick it could flaunt hot pants in a rap video, and crafting an ever-expanding arsenal...

Nothing’s shocking

Gamer: Once more into those gorgeous ruins for BioShock 2 -- but can it live up to the original?

Galaxy quest

Moral quandaries and rhetorical pickles in Mass Effect 2

Watching the detective

Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr. deliver an entertaining Sherlock Holmes

Some kind of mastodon

DECADE IN MUSIC: Out of the rap-rock toilet and into the fire — the decade in metal

No escape from Azeroth

Five years in, World of Warcraft is still bigger than Chad

Merry mayhem

Holiday Guide: Gifts for gamers


Borderlands is one of the rare games that inverts the current surface over substance paradigm


GOLDIES 2009: Hewing to the life of rock 'n' roll kings with an almost philosophical dedication

Brütal odyssey

Game designer Tim Schafer rides a heavy metal road to Brütal Legend


FIFA '10 kicks it up a digital notch

Autumn with Xbox

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Legend (and other games) of the fall

Happy trails

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood slings past its many faults


Moving back toward the muscular guitar rock that comprised its definitive mid-1990s output

Who ya gonna call?

The jokes are slinking back into video games. Yep, it's Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Summer Slaughter Tour

Throw in three or four majority whips with reliable fanbases and good reputations, and you've got yourself a Congress of carnage

Arm race

Bionic Commando, the first in an ever-expanding series of big-budget 8-bit retreads

Pagan fest

Pirates, polka, and plundering by not-so-gentle folk

Metal militia

Metallica' Guitar Hero -- rendered right down to the mole on Kirk Hammett's face

Astral peaks

More is more is more in the elemental metal of Mastodon -- plus some surprising Bay Area connections

Undead again

Cooperation's the name of the game in Resident Evil 5