JULY 24 LECTURE John Bolton Listen to the US Ambassador to the United Nations, who has been building support for identifying Iran as a rogue state....

“Guardians” of the universe

By Cheryl Eddy Coming soon to a theater near you ... it's The Guardian! Before you (or we) get too excited, the Internet Movie Database lists...

Runway rundown

TV Based on the preview episode and the season debut, here is our handy racing form for the new season of Project Runway. Whether...

Burritos of the gods

Michael Showalter discusses humor, metahumor, sushi, and, er, metasushi

The planet of the mutants

Os Mutantes are back — in truthful Tropicália technicolor!

Sexy transmissions

Sublime Frequencies issue more transcendent sounds — and images — from across the pond

Polly wanna rob ya!

The Unholy Three invades Silent Film Fest

{Empty title}

What do they do all day at Rec-Park, anyway?

B. Taylor loves Star Wars

by Tim Redmond Gack! I just turned on the TV and saw Barbara Taylor interviewing Sup. Gerardo Sandoval on the City Desk Newshour program. She...

Anatomy of a scandal foretold

How was the Mexican election stolen? Let us count the ways

Comedy with overbite

The indefatigable Jerri Blank takes it to the Bridge in Strangers with Candy

Body talks

› CHEAP EATS The chicken farmer has a high tolerance for surreality ... Woke up on a strange couch with a strange cat on my...

{Empty title}

Why the mayor could use some "question time"

Queen of the double feature

HORROR-LARITY If there's anything better than peaches and cream, it would have to be Peaches and Elvira. Movie maniacs will get a taste of...

She doth protest

› CHEAP EATS It was Pride month so I was proud. In my own small chicken farmerly way, I celebrated the T and the...

Angel of death

Park Chanwook caps off his revenge trilogy with the elegantly brutal Lady Vengeance

Mini mini CinemaScope!

The term CinemaScope might conjure a 2.66-to-1 vision of an extra-bodacious Marilyn Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire, or, if you're a certain...

Ma’s moneybags

Burton-funded independent expenditures launch late hit pieces on Reilly

Cloud 8

› CHEAP EATS I had pretty much settled on spending a quiet night at home with a big bowl of...

Ficks’s picks (and one no-pick) at Cannes

1. John Cameron Mitchell's midnight premiere of his sensitively X-rated Shortbus not only roused the Palais's audience to a 15-minute standing ovation (a legendary feat); it brought out...

Cloud 8

› CHEAP EATS I had pretty much settled on spending a quiet night at home with a big bowl of popcorn and...

My night with “Marie Antoinette” — live at Cannes

Gary Meyer of Balboa Theater fame dishes the Cannes screening of Sofa Coppola’s forthcoming opus: Can we get more frills on that? A still from...

Doing the Cannes-Cannes

Gary Meyer of the Balboa is at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Here is the first of his reports from the Croisette and the...

The Delegate Zero factor

Mexico's famed Subcommander Marcos has re-emerged -- and thrown a wrench into the nation's presidential election