This charming Animal Charmer

No I'm not taking about the late Crocodile Hunter, I'm talking about Jim Fetterley of the duo Animal Charm. Along with Rich Bott (and...

Trash hits Toronto: part two

FEST REPORT Because I'm psychotic, I jammed 22 movies into six and a half days at the Toronto International Film Festival — and was...

Top 5 TIFF moments

Highlights of the Toronto International Film Festival, in no particular order

Turf’s up

Oakland MC Beeda Weeda is smokin'

The business of censoring labor

Most people, of course, work for a living. They spend at least half their lives working and, in fact, define themselves by their jobs....

Late-night luau

› CHEAP EATS I mean, they were already practically married, but my friends Little Him and Little Her officially said they did in the...

Veto the cable giveaway

Editor's note: This editorial has been corrected. An earlier version mischaracterized the effect of the cable bill on municipal finances. EDITORIAL A terrible bill masquerading...

The silent scandal

How does media concentration affect the news we read? Just check out the coverage of the latest newspaper merger

The flaws in the Josh Wolf case

Why is a freelance journalist in jail? The closer you investigate, the more dubious the case looks

Big Idi, little Idi

A look past summer's sour patches to 10 Black Dahlia-led fall delights

Discs, man

Enter the weird, wonderful world of new music releases

Fall TV death match

The season brings tough choices for lovers of teen drama and power-acting

No Pasaran!

The crowds -- huge crowds -- protest a corupt election in Mexico City. But what's the endgame?


Aug. 25 Music Johnette Napolitano In Johnette Napolitano’s world, bullets are always aimed at the innocent, ghosts make perfectly acceptable bedfellows, and Russian angels are good inspirations...

Snakes in vain

› TECHSPLOITATION I'm the only geek in San Francisco who didn't go to the drunken flash mob event at 1000 Van Ness where Snakes...

The reflecting pool

› A chicken-and-egg — or maybe fish-and-roe — problem: do neighborhood restaurants tend to reflect the character of a neighborhood or does a neighborhood...

{Empty title}

Playing with his balls MLB 06: The Show (Sony; Sony PSP) GAMER This was supposed to be a review of the FIFA World Cup game, but I...

Fifteen, minute

Quinceañera celebrates details that summer blockbusters miss

Voto por voto!

A drama of Mexican civil resistance in five acts

Proud Mary

ACTRESS AND AUTHOR If you love to watch cult movies and pay tribute to the stars that make them great (and in San Francisco,...

{Empty title}

Welcome to our dining listings, a detailed guide by neighborhood of some great places to grab a bite, hang out with friends, or impress...

Close encounters

The always in-search-of Erica Shuch sends her talents into Orbit

Swordplay time

The tug in the 2003 girl samurai flick Azumi between that J-cult of kawaii, cute — as embodied by the button-nosed, bee-stung-lipped assassin Aya...

$349 health care and $10 beers

My love for baseball dates all the way back to childhood, when my dad used to let me stay up past the seventh to...