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Iowa: a report from the grassroots

By Bruce B. Brugmann As an Iowan, I am fascinated by all the reports by all the hotshot out of state reporters who paratroop into...

The gov’s emergency

Governor Schwarzenegger is about to declare a state of economic emergency, which will give him broad powers to cut spending in the state. The law...

The left and Ron Paul

It's tempting to want to promote the GOP's dark-hourse phenon, Rep. Ron Paul, because all he can do in the primaries is beat up...

Sex crimes grandstanding

Forcing a problem on other communities, and a population further underground

Prop. 83 will never work

The LA Times reports that "Jessica's Law," which mandates electronic tracking of all sex offenders, is never actually going to work. The law -- which...

An Appeal to Barack Obama

"The Democrats have been stuck in the arguments of Vietnam, which means that either you're a Scoop Jackson Democrat or you're a Tom Hayden...

Editor’s Notes

Knock it off. All of you

Transit or traffic

There's a real chance to fix Muni -- but a simplistic downtown campaign for more parking and less government is trying to derail it

Martians for Fred

Who knew the scramble of the Republicans for the White House in 2008 would yield such icky comedy? From lovey-dovey phone calls in the...

41st Anniversary Special: Blast from the past

A few choice selections from our archives

Something worth fighting for

Matt Bai canvasses the Democratic reformers in search of a coherent vision in The Argument

Ammiano to gay Republicans…

Gay Republicans repeat after me. I'm here. I'm queer. I'm sorry. (Today's Ammianoliner: on the voicemail of Sup. Tom Ammiano's home telephone.) ...

Jiminy! Another gay Republican

(UPDATE 5:30PM: A concerned reader just informed us that you can see Craig's creepy mug shot, along with a photo of the pretty yummy...

Payphones: the deregulation factor

The disappearance of pay phones is linked in part to a decision by the George W. Bush administration to redefine what the word competition...

iPhone politics

Why everyone cares about Apple's newest toy

Gutting campaign reform

Politicians need to kill the bill that skirts finance limits

Calling in the feds

Hotel sought immigration audit of workers asserting their right to a living wage

Hazy recall

Group launches effort to oust Sup. Jake McGoldrick

Green libertarians

› annalee@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION It sounds crazy, but it just might work: green libertarianism could become the new reformist movement in politics and cultural life. In the...

The war vote

Editorial: Hey Democrats! End the war now, worry about political consequences later

Out of downtown

Out of downtown: Wealthy financier Warren Hellman has crossed his big-business allies to help progressive causes

Dr. Dean’s cure for division

By Steven T. Jones Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean fired up the party faithful during a fundraiser at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco...

California Democratic Convention, 4 pm

By Tim Redmond There's a lot of talk and excitement at the Progressive Caucus. A few years ago, there were only a handful of people...

The difference between Democrats and Republicans

By Tim Redmond There are times that I've wondered about this, too, and asked whether the two major parties have any real differences. Gold help...