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Go green!

Go green! A guide to Earth Day celebrations and upcoming green events

Digging the roots

Rescuing acoustic

Dance dance revolution

Party spaces that give a damn

The power of meat

Taiwan restaurant

Me and my bitches

Mexicali Rose

NOISE: I was almost the Riottt

What about that Be the Riottt press-list line?! Guardian intern Aaron Sankin got to sample it firsthand when he attended the music fest at...

Restoration Hardcore

KDVS's Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom IV fest

Checking the tour and festival circuit

SEPT. 1 Broke Ass Summer Jam 2006 Living Legends revive the ’90s Mystik Journeymen event, which centered on their mag, underground West Coast acts, and...

Squeaky wheels

By L.E. Leone › le_chicken_farmer@yahoo.com CHEAP EATS Hey now, don't forget about the Cotati Accordion Festival this summer. Every summer I tell you about it, and...


AUG 2 Californian campaigns Come to a campaign finance reform panel with Kris Greenlee of California Common Cause; Maria Guillen of SEIU Local 790; and Dan...

Get the funk out of here

Transutf8g the hot Afrobeat of Fela Kuti at the Afrofunk Music Festival

A band of sisters

As Sleater-Kinney, Destiny's Child, and le Tigre bid farewell, an ex-all-girl punk band member wonders, where have all the music-making women gone?

Bike safety chic

How to hit the pavement in style

Real huff

Dieselhed revved our motors

ABCs and Rubies

SONIC REDUCER A passionate music fan friend recently laid some curious medicine on me as we were hunkered down at Doc's Clock, watching our...

Rankin’ Reykjavik

› kimberly@sfbg.com SONIC REDUCER I love the fact that whenever you leave this country, you immediately come to the discomfiting realization that ... you're...