NOISE: I was almost the Riottt

Pub date November 15, 2006

What about that Be the Riottt press-list line?! Guardian intern Aaron Sankin got to sample it firsthand when he attended the music fest at Bill Graham Civic on Nov. 11. Here’s what he thought:

Girl Talk explodes the Riottt; the one-man party-starter
made an appearance at the eventtt.

Call me a cynic, but it’s tough for me to take seriously any concert that has its own manifesto. It’s not that I don’t think that concerts shouldn’t try to affect social change now and again — any time you can get many young-type people together in one place it would be stupid not to try to get them to get off their lazy, hipster asses and doing something positive for a change. But at the Be the Riottt music festival at the Bill Graham Civic last Saturday, I was having a tough time buying it. Here’s the manifesto: