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Great Scott!

One hundred years of Raymond Scott's exotica genius

Year in Music: Bliss you

Post-rock icons Seefeel made one of the most obsession-worthy albums of the '90s -- and 2007

Year in Music: Sub obsession

Dubstep from the edge

Hey, Moped, lemme ride your two-man musical people mover

By Chris DeMento I don’t like techno. And by calling it techno, of course I mean to deride electronic music, perhaps only for effect, or...

Buy by hand

The art of shopping for crafts and customized gifts

Spooked sounds 2: more lost albums and forgotten performances for Halloween

Pussy Galore - and scares galore. By Erik Morse Let's pick up where the first installment of "Spooked sounds" left off: here are a few more...

Global chilling

Pioneering UK producer Tom Middleton releases his debut

From our Bay to Norway

A trip beyond space disco through the super sounds of Oslo and San Francisco

The Viz

Gettin' visual on the dance floor

Jack Davis, 1940-2007

Car crash claims legendary facilitator of underground arts

My hippie LoveFest post

As much as I like to rag on electronic music, I happen to like a lot of it. And even more importantly, I think...

Obligatory post-BM post: F*ck Techno

By Molly Freedenberg I used to wonder if there was some unspoken law about Burning Man that the only music appropriate for Black Rock City...

Bay Area fall fairs and festivals

A bevy of cool fiestas

We got the (electro)funk: Talking with Chromeo’s Dave-1

By Molly Freedenberg You'd think a writer living in Tech Central and a musician who works almost exclusively with electronics would be able to figure...

Two synthesizers and a microphone

Chromeo has legs!

Gui, your music looks terrific

Gui Boratto on sonic architecture and the beauty of Chromophobia

Fab gadgets

Bay Area Beatdrop rides the techno comeback -- and the latest DJ craze ... WiiJing!

OCD on the LCD

You really gotta feel for LCD Soundsystem -- fresh off the "dance-punk" darlings' conquest of Coachella, bopping untold thousands of the dehydrous ecstatic, there...

MCMAF: Ich bin Kevin Blechdom

"Very basic symbolism mixed with a salute to female performance art"

Superlist No. 825: Restaurants with DJs

Fill up on dinner's new soundtrack

Dance dance revolution

Party spaces that give a damn

On white planes

Booka Shade fly the friendly skies

New mutants

Surrender to the psych-noise assaults of Eats Tapes

Feeling the spirit

Ghostland Observatory want to rock your body