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Time to enforce the law

Airbnb owes the city some money -- will we ever collect?

Airbnb’s tax and tenant law violations headed for hearings

As Airbnb continues to avoid making any public comment on the $1.8 million annual Transient Occupancy Tax obligation to the city that it appears...

Does Mayor Lee support Airbnb dodging its $1.8 million tax debt to SF?

My story in this week's Guardian about how Airbnb appears to be refusing to pay the hotel taxes it owes to the city has...

Airbnb isn’t sharing

Visitors to San Francisco aren't paying the required hotel tax on "shared housing."

Compromised position

Mayor Lee's waffling on big issues is hurting the city's ability to cut the best deals for the public

Waiting for the end of the world (1)

TULUM, MEXICO -- The Yucatan is filled with Americans and Europeans who have come for the Dec. 21 end of the Mayan Long Count...

The Bay at Basel (Come to Miami with us this weekend!)

There are two moments from my 2011 pilgrimage that duel in my mind for the title of quintessential Miami Art Basel. One, when that...

The plutocrat

Tech mogul Ron Conway is trying to buy San Francisco politics and sell his pro-business agenda

What’s ours?

A brief exchange with Collaborative Lab's Lauren Anderson

The problem with the sharing economy

Airbnb seemed so simple — but collaborative consumption can raise complex issues

The mayor’s tech tax talks — and the legacy of the “Filthy 52”

Tech tax talks. I've always wanted to use that headline.And of course, the meetings in the Mayor's Office on the city's business tax involve...

Willie Brown’s “friends” at airbnb

San Francisco's treasurer, Jose Cisneros, usually operates out of the limelight, and he likes it that way. Most of what he does is about...

We and Mr. Jones

GREEN ISSUE: Ousted White House green jobs adviser Van Jones is ready for more people power -- and to Rebuild the Dream

Sharing economy and the city’s share

San Franciscans love to share: our homes and workspaces, our cars and bikes, our tools and the road, and sometimes even our lovers. But...

Share your stuff

New opportunities for sharing your car are part of a larger trend toward getting more use out of private assets