Money has stopped talking

Pub date November 15, 2006
SectionPolitics Blog

by Amanda Witherell

Here’s another, less lauded “San Francisco value.” Page A18 of the November 14 New York Times (sorry, folks…they don’t seem to have it online…) had a tally of the most expensive House races in millions spent. It shows that those who spent the most, lost the most. Just like here in San Francisco!

Republicans outspent Democrats in nearly all the seats the chart lists, and the races they won, they only spent marginally more than their foes. The only Dems to beat them in dollars were Maria Cantwell over Mike McGavick, Bill Nelson over Katherine Harris, and Hillary Clinton over John Spencer (We know where that money’s really going…)

The races where spending was relatively equal, for the most part, Republicans edged Democrats — and yet that party is still opposed to reasonable campaign finance reforms. Maybe they like spending money. I’ve never run for office…maybe it’s like a really posh shopping spree.